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  1. Actually, it would make sense, if we could wield secondary weapons and light melee as operators, and the rest with our warframes. We could also have a module, which enables you to make every warframe autonomous (1 by 1 of course), like Excalibur Umbra is, when you are using your operator. The point is, our operators are older now, and could see more action. Also, I still wanna get proper face and body sliders. T_T
  2. My question is, if I want to write a short novel within the Warframe universe, where should I send it?
  3. Hello! I've been wondering, couldn't we get a face customizing tool for operators which use sliders for more than morphing between 2 premade faces (most of which are kind of awful)? Some sliders would be pretty good, for noses, ears, but especially eyes, since their shape hardly changes a whole lot. If we compair how our operators look to how our frames look, there is a distinct difference. Also a little more emotions on those faces would be nice, to make them feel more alive, they quite often look like animatronic dolls, especially since their skins look kinda dated compaired to some newer stuff. If the game is Fashionframe, why not make Operators a true experssion of "end-game" content? 😛 Another thing would be body sliders. From their look and sound, these operators are pretty much teens/young adults, why can't we have a fat short guyfor example? (I wanna play a Danny DeVito operator :P) Mechanics-wise operators need a major overhaul as well. I mean they trained in martial arts too, not just void stuff, they could do more than use an amp.
  4. Formas aren't that big of a deal, you can farm stuff for sale easy, buy a forma bundle per 1-2 days, that's 3 formas for 35 plat, craft 1 per 24 hours with the bp-s from relics, and you'll have a ton pretty fast. The other stuff like the arcanes and the plague parts aren't that much better than what you can get otherwise, you can make PRETTY strong stuff with normal zaw parts, and I haven't even mentioned the best-in-game heavy blades like the Gram Prime. It would make it a bit easier getting these, and if they redone the mechanics of the event boss and make it at least a bit harder (and/or more fun), it wouldn't really change the prices. It would be a bit of convenience for hard-core farmers, and would make it a bit easier to get a plagued zaw, which is like isn't that big since there are far more powerful weapons anyway. While it is good to get events which reward good stuff, the POINT is that this gives rewards ALL players find useful, engagement would be high, and it would not be a pointless, and annoying event like the Ghouls making Spacemom filling your inbox with spam. From what we seen with the new Orb Vallis event, they are willing to make these kinds of events, and since they ARE remaking PoE, we can hope for stuff like that.
  5. They did say they wanna work towards enhancing PoE too, so maybe they could rewamp the events then?
  6. If you guys have a problem with the fun factor, maybe make recommendations to DE to make it fun. >.> not 1 of you mentioned any SOLUTIONS to that... Maybe if BOTH events were combined, then it could be fun? New infested ghoul units? Bombard ancients? The ghouls could get infected, creating new horrific stuff for us to kill... Maybe the ghouls could get a proper boss too, so instead of having a pointless event every week, and a decent one every 6 months, maybe we could get 4 events per year with pretty much the same rewards, just maybe a little mixed up mechanics, and whatnot? It's not that hard to think about it. Complaining only about it doesn't solve anything!
  7. Hello! We keep getting ghoul events on the Plains of Eidelon, which is more annoying than anything for those players who already posess the codex entries and the weapons they drop, especially when said players want to farm jewels for example. Could we get a Plaguestar event instead? That is fun, has a nice boss battle, and meainingful rewards. Bump if you agree!
  8. Thanks for your work! Also, could you pls do something with the Catchmoon kitgun issiues, like punch through not rly working, close shots have no effect, touching any surface jsut by a little destroys the shot even though the animation clearly shows it hits the target, stuff like that! Thanks! 🙂
  9. My current potato: Windows 7 64x SP1 Core 2 Duo E8500 3.16GHz 8GB RAM 1GB Ati Radeon HD5750 80GB SSD 200GB HDD The only problems I have is when I am designated host. Otherwise it is all fine, I can crank most stuff to max, but with the blur effects and everything, it can be disorienting and in a more hectic battle, I can't really aim at everthing, but no noticable lag. The only lags I encountered were on Orb Vallis since it's a big map but after it loaded it's mostly fine at max settings too. I usually play on low settings so I can see my targets better! XD Semi-unrelated: I wish we could get highlight mods for darker maps, something like "Thermal Vision", could be an Exilus mod too, to help out ppl who have a hard time adjusting from dark to bright and vice versa. That way I could probably play on max settings too. XD
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