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  1. You do not get the point, "obviously." Accessability is the issue. Any other game content noobs can get done with some effort, but many of them will struggle with this, as well as annoy others. As I said, if you run it with your clan, good for you. If you can manage to get into a GOOD premade team, good for you, but otherwise, you'll suffer.
  2. You forget how many leechers are in this game.
  3. As I said... Now EVERYONE is looking for premade groups to be boosted through...
  4. NORMALLY it is not hard to get a team, when most people aren't trying to get into a Tridolon hunt. If you have a clan, or a preset group, good for you... Otherwise it sucks, and usually, under normal circumstances I can easily do Tridolon with randoms.
  5. Hello! I think putting Hydrolyst into Nightwave was a pretty bad idea. A good chunk of players either don't have the gear or the knowledge or both for these fights. I tried to find a group on recruit, no go, also recruit became so spammy it was pretty hard to find a group, I went with randoms, we barely downed the Teralyst. Too many newbies go without knowing the fights, and some players don't like boosting leechers or newbies on their own. 1-2 ppl per group is fine, but when you are the only 1... It would have been MORE than sufficient if the weekly elite was the Teralyst instead, then even noobs have a shot at it, and players who want to farm Tridolon can farm in peace too.
  6. I have only one question: will we ever get full customization options for the operator like sliders? We like sliders, lots of sliders, body sliders too! I want my operator to look like Danny DeVito! 🙂
  7. My question is, if I want to write a short novel within the Warframe universe, where should I send it?
  8. Thanks for your work! Also, could you pls do something with the Catchmoon kitgun issiues, like punch through not rly working, close shots have no effect, touching any surface jsut by a little destroys the shot even though the animation clearly shows it hits the target, stuff like that! Thanks! 🙂
  9. My current potato: Windows 7 64x SP1 Core 2 Duo E8500 3.16GHz 8GB RAM 1GB Ati Radeon HD5750 80GB SSD 200GB HDD The only problems I have is when I am designated host. Otherwise it is all fine, I can crank most stuff to max, but with the blur effects and everything, it can be disorienting and in a more hectic battle, I can't really aim at everthing, but no noticable lag. The only lags I encountered were on Orb Vallis since it's a big map but after it loaded it's mostly fine at max settings too. I usually play on low settings so I can see my targets better! XD Semi-unrelated: I wish we could get highlight mods for darker maps, something like "Thermal Vision", could be an Exilus mod too, to help out ppl who have a hard time adjusting from dark to bright and vice versa. That way I could probably play on max settings too. XD
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