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  1. What I REALLY do not personally like the weapon exilus slot! For older players it will take AGES to outfit all their weapons, and 75k rep for the single-use-BLUEPRINT, with a forma as 1 if the required materials? At the very LEAST make the blueprint infinite, farming a forma is more than enough, and same should be implemented for the regular exilus adapters. I personally think the best we can do for now is wait for changes. I won't go into the Kuva Lich things, since I am really pissed about them, and a good amount of people already wrote about how bad this system is. The mod pack feels cash-grabby too. 800+ plat for 8 mods that break aftzer 3 use, and an armor pack? At least make the mods repairable with endo or something, like 1-500 endo per charge. I think I will take a break AGAIN a break from the game until this is overhauled. Making the game even more grindy is NOT challenging, it is ANNOYING! I was never pissed at this game before. This update managed to piss me off. I waited for so long the new stuff, and this is a disappointment. See ya in a few months!
  2. But we love those? T_T Tits are pretty little birds! For your information: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tit_(bird)
  3. This is my bio lab within my dojo. I think I screwed up an experiment last night while researching the Hema.... Help me please! o.O 😢
  4. FINALLY I can use my old Ember Prime again! She has like 7 formas in her... XD
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