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  1. happend just 5 mins ago, Host left after 10 rounds, and after host migration there was 3 players in game but in relic selection i saw only me, also when timer reach 1 sec it stoped counting and lock everyone in relic selection screen, forcing me to alt+f4.
  2. Well i deffineatly would like to see Corinth Prime, and it should be given a scope, for airburst detonation lockon, like OICW weapon, so when You use alt fire normaly the Granade detonates as it does on standard version, but when You zoom in there is shown distance to target and Grenade detonates 0,5m before target, the max range should be not more than 150m for balance at open world maps.
  3. Played almost a day, and did not get any of wolf cred points i finished 8 chalenges and kill 3 of those wierd new griner with spawned only in one mission, and capture them with no rewards, also the reach to tier 30 is requiring 300K standing realy with so small amount of missions where only two are daily? its sick, its imposible do do the chalenges and what im intendet to do normaly, how am i supose to get umbral forma.
  4. Please add report for afk players, or auto kick after 3min idle, for public servers
  5. What we need is function to report AFK Players, or auto kick for no action in 3mins
  6. Today i noticed that dark split sword armed with dual blade stance can use dual blade skins, howewer the skin is only wisible in selection menu and when aplied dark split sword returns to mormal skin
  7. Ok so i played Sacrifice and... Holy mother of god i want Chroma Umbra, not Prime and also Titania Umbra, Harrow Umbra and Inaros Umbra. Please...
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