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  1. What i expect, is buff of vazarin healing dash, cause now its broken, other thing is something like playthrough system for every 10 mastery passed, this will resolve many problems, and separate beginners from some unfriendly no lifes, those playthroughgs should increase loot, and drop chances, make easier forming and faster foundry, of course high mastery players should still have access to lower levels, to help friends, to be honest, i hope that this will happen and after mastery 30, it would be hard to reach 10 waves on defence even with end game builds.

  2. Played almost a day, and did not get any of wolf cred points i finished 8 chalenges and kill 3 of those wierd new griner with spawned only in one mission, and capture them with no rewards, also the reach to tier 30 is requiring 300K standing realy with so small amount of missions where only two are daily? its sick, its imposible do do the chalenges and what im intendet to do normaly, how am i supose to get umbral forma.

  3. Today i noticed that dark split sword armed with dual blade stance can use dual blade skins, howewer the skin is only wisible in selection menu and when aplied dark split sword returns to mormal skin

  4. So about Saryn, i liked her much but now im in Love, but please fix few problems that have ben encountered during spore casting, 1 when saryn dies, 2 when casted enemy dies while spores are launched, 3 when transiting betwen onslaught zones, 4 when in operator mode spores do no damage.

    Also not about Saryn, please consider to allow pet companions to follow operator.

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