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  1. (XB1)coleman318

    New to arcane mods

    Oh wow. I hear it’s not worth it to gild the mote amp. So I should build my second amp before putting this arcane on I am assuming. Thanks for all the info. I have to look up what a kit gun is I remember seeing it at a vendor in Fortuna and it just overwhelmed my head since I have been playing for awhile but never dived into the focus trees or operator loadouts really. I finally mustered up the determination to learn more about my operator but oh my god it just got way more complex. I appreciate you guys explaining this to me I am probably going to have to go look up gild and zaws and kitguns.
  2. (XB1)coleman318

    New to arcane mods

    I built the arcane claimed it in foundry, logging in and going to operator room to equipment tab and it is saying I do not own any arcanes. What could of possibly happened from it being complete in the foundry to it no longer being in the foundry and literally poofed our of existence? Frustrating since I spent quite awhile obtaining that arcane. Edit: I went into my inventory and under arcanes it shows the one I built “Virtuous Null” unranked. How do I get it from my inventory to the operator if the equipment tab in operator run says I do not own an arcane? I tried both arcane slot 1 and slot 2.... Edit
  3. (XB1)coleman318

    New to arcane mods

    Thank you guys! That makes more sense!
  4. (XB1)coleman318

    New to arcane mods

    I worked to grind my reputation with the quills to unlock my first arcane mod. Then I had to fish for some Murkray Livers, now I have completed the arcane in my foundry. Claimed the item and when I go to my Warframe mod loadout screen the arcane slots still are locked. They say I must have an arcane in my inventory or something of that sort. What step am I missing in order to have those slots unlock? I am MR 14.
  5. (XB1)coleman318

    Xbox One Prestige Collection Available Now!

    Dont forget that there are a ton of new players. Im mastery rank 12 and i havent seen any of these items. If this is repeated items of course they aren't going to carry the same wow factor, hence its discounted. This is marketing 101. DE is not and has not forced you to buy anything. You would think DE is pushing your hand onto a hot stove. Be grateful for what you have, there are way more important matters to be upset at in this world. Optional cosmetics is not one of them.