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  1. Alright it's all good. I don't recall any timer for the event ever. But i also don't have a lot of time to play, I have maybe logged in once since that message on the 13th of May. If that message was posted before the 13th of May fine, but that text on the news in your ship is super small and unless you are purposefully clicking the console I don't see what the text says so if that's where they displayed that message it was ending then that would make sense as it's hard for me to see. Obviously nobody else is in the position I am in, so either everyone here involved with watching streams or reading forums, I get most my information from within warframe so I just wanted to point out some people were able to miss that detail.
  2. So I would receive wolf credits throughout the night wave event, I went to login to try and finish my last few assignments and poof night wave is gone. The last date I heard was the 15th of May but it was still going on so I assumed they extended it another week. Anyways I hadn't spent any of my wolf credits for the season, I was made aware by watching a stream this morning from a few weeks back that they disappear when the event is over. Because this was the first night wave and the end date was not clear and the rules of the currency wasn't very clear in game either I don't recall the game telling me they would expire. Is there going to be any kind of compensation for the people who did not spend a single wolf credit?
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