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  1. Why not just have kickbot delete your chat when you say the whole "Nezha is a trap" thing, and explain why it's bad, like they do with the use of the word "cancer", instead of the chat ban for a week? We've already got a chat deletion for "Where Barko", with a response telling you to learn to spell his name (politely, mind you), and for "Help". A lot of people seem to be struggling with why it's not allowed, and upset that it just straight up bans you without a warning. I'd like to see an end to these heated forum debates, and I feel like this may be the more balanced solution regarding both sides. You still can't say the phrase since it's instantly deleted. You're told why it's not allowed by the bot. And (maybe) you aren't chat banned for a lame meme that should of died ages ago. If the chat bans must continue, then at the very least have kickbot send you some mail or something when you get banned for the troublesome phrase, explaining why it's bad and toss in a "Take this time to reflect.". People are far less likely to dispute a chat ban if they have something that tells them the reason why.
  2. Someone wanna let me know when the official wf discord server ever allows you to chat? I apologize, but I do not intend to sit in a discord server that only allows reacts at specified times.
  3. Yes, I can't help but worry that there won't be any sort of regular chat channels, and that it will be event only. I fully had intended to try and make some new friends in the official warframe discord server.
  4. What in the world is the point of the discord server that DE has made if you can't talk in it? Is this just a emoji server? Everything just links back to the forums. The bug bounties thing is just making users test the game for them. I guess DE doesn't actually have beta testers anymore? Adding - Some players are already afraid to test bugs in case that they get banned.
  5. Hey, since bug reporting for warframe on discord was mentioned in the post, I'd like to know how to officially do this properly in the correct place(s). Do we bug report in the discord, or on the forums? Are the forums still relevant for bug reports, or are they now obsolete in the face of discord? Is DE taking bug reports on both discord and the forums (won't that be a bit more spammy and harder to sift through)? Seriously though, what is going on with bug reporting?
  6. Alright, so is all bug reporting going to be in the discord now, then? Or is DE looking at the forums for bug reports too? Does anyone know if DE has beta testers testing updates before they're released?
  7. Can people get a DM or mail from kickbot telling them how long they're going to be chat banned? If a reason gets tossed in as well, then it'll add some clarity for those who lost chat privileges.
  8. Melee and scanners are bugging with block again.
  9. Kind of odd how this thread isn't pinned. I do think this is a rather important topic, so wouldn't it be worth pinning?
  10. Will there be any sort of news on the feedback we've given here?
  11. Melee 2.9/3.0 isn't really meant for melee. This is an update meant for guns. It's concerning that an update called melee really means shiny fashion accessories. You'd think it would be centered around our favorite smashy slashy yeeter bonkers, but it ignores the glaring issue with a lot of weapon stances. Quick melee was honestly a nice bandaid to our slow weapon stances that even a combo of primed fury, berserker, and an attack speed riven can not fix. It does not matter how fast you can attack because some stances lack speed - you're locked in a slow attack animation. So far this update has brought forth the glaring issues that several stances have, along with force feeding you autoblock even when you run melee only. You don't get a choice, your hand MUST BE HELD, because you cannot be trusted to defend yourself. Also, spin to win playstyle has become far more common. Even I've started doing it because slide attacks don't lock you in the slow combo animations. It's kind of the new quick melee. Some combo moves don't really make sense, like Crushing Ruin's E E down+E E (Winding Temper), which flings you forward.. for trying to back up at the wrong time. This would probably make a bit more sense if it was holding W, but then you would be unwillingly flung into or past enemies. Now, E E pause E E E (Raging Whirlwind) makes some sense for a hammer, however when it smashes it flings them way too high. Why can't this just be a knockdown instead? Can we have stances that do knockdown? Why can't we just make our own custom melee stances, putting together what we like from other stances already in the game and universally equip it on any melee? What I mean here is, there's a lot of block combos in the game. I'd prefer Resplendent Calma from Tempo Royale, and that would probably be my go-to block combo on any heavy weapon. If not, what about allowing weapon classifications to bleed over a bit, in the sense of - dual daggers can now use dual sword stances (or parts of them?), imagine Fang Prime, and Venka Prime with Carving Mantis. A scythe like Hate with the ever popular Crimson Dervish or Vengeful Revenant. Scythe stances are pretty terrible. I'm just throwing out some ideas and giving feedback. Melee, and melee stances needs help. I don't think this update should of been dropped on our laps like this without at least improving the stances first. I'm glad people are able to enjoy their guns.
  12. Equipping spears/scanners is still bugged for melee only equipped manual blocking.
  13. What if they forgot to put up the digital tickets? 😶
  14. DE - thank you so much for making the exploiter orb being able to be attacked by melee during it's 'glowy' phase. As a melee only player, and having ventured into deck 12 with only melee equipped, I was obviously a bit unprepared. Being able to attack the legs with melee was actually helpful and I was able to contribute! Also - I appreciate that most melee only bugs as client are fixed.
  15. Here we are again, showcasing the current bugs with having only a melee weapon equipped. In this video, you will clearly see I am typing while block is.. doing what ever it wants - simply because I am not the host. Also, trying to mine or fish with a melee is still completely broken. https://streamable.com/yu1de I do hope DE is able to tackle these bugs, or at least says something about it, because as it is, I am very worried that it's being overlooked.
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