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  1. Overload new stat The Siege resistances limit increases by an extra 5% (90% to 95%) only when the overload counter is above 50% New augment for Target Lucky shot An enemy killed by a headshot drop a health or energy orb (50/50 respectively) Maybe this is the last stats change
  2. A lot of changes and finally i feel satisfied for now
  3. (PS4)Neo7590 Well it's time to work in the artwork thanks for the feedback
  4. Siege changes The passive recharge amount cannot be modified Now the active recharge start when the hp is below 50% Some changes in the Siege functionality when the Wf is out of energy Some improves in the Siege description Siege new augment "Overload"
  5. I ran out of ideas ._. maybe i will nerf something tomorrow
  6. Siege new stats or a augment UPDATED Maybe this stats will be a augmentation called "Overload" when the hp are below 30% the energy drain and active recharge amount increases according to the time (like hysteria) and the warframe just can walk when the hp are above 30% the counter is progressively restarted and the Warframe can move freely again
  7. Shooting Star accuracy has been reduced Minor changes in stats and descriptions
  8. New stat added Siege can remain active without energy, but the active recharge, the resistances and the invulnerability will be deactivated
  9. OLD STATS Warframe stats Armor:10 Energy:225 shield:0 Health:300 Sprint Speed:1 Passive You have a 50% chance that an enemy killed by headshot drop a energy orb 1) Flash The Warframe throw a flash grenade that blind all the enemies 15m around for 10 seconds and the explosion deals 200 damage The grenade can be thrown in any direction and explode in contact. The stats can be modified by mods. 2)Focus The head of all enemies 20m around is marked by a target symbol for 15 seconds this target can be seen through the walls if you shoot in the target you will get 1.5x more damage and 30% critical chance(additive) The stats can be modified by mods. 3)Siege The Warframe create a bubble shield around him This shield have 750 hp and 75% of resistances (limited to 90%) The shield has 2 types of recharges: one passive and one active. Passive: 15 hp per second all the time is deactivated when you receive damage and reactivates after a few seconds(like a normal shield)(modifiable) Active: when the hp are below 40%(unmodifiable)siege start to consume energy to recharge the shield 40 hp(modifiable) per second and stop when the hp are up to 70%(unmodifiable) This ability will remain active like Desecrate just consume energy when the active recharge is active The health is invulnerable while Siege shield is active When the shield down the invulnerability will stay a extra second(unmodifiable) The shield reactivation have a 5 seconds(unmodifiable) cooldown and the shield charge the 30% hp instantaneity consuming energy(modifiable) While the ability is active, the Warframe can still move around freely. The shield modifiers(mods and arcanes) can't work because is other type of shield Some stats can be modified by mods. 4)Glare The warframe summons "Shooting Star" a exalted powerful railgun sniper rifle stats Accuracy:100 Critical chance:30% Critical multiplier:2.3x Falloff:1200.0-1600.0 Fire rate:2.7 Magazine:infinity Noise:alarming Punch through:infinity Reload:nop Status:20% Trigger:semi Pucture:250 Impact:0 Slash:0 Fire:100 Additional:shoots plasma tracer bullets"hitscan"
  10. I not sure about the new stats i need some help to improve the concept meanwhile i get a artwork
  11. Siege has regeneration and just consume energy when the active recharge is active and if Siege down the wf have 1 second of invulnerability and both recharges (the passive and active) can be active in the same time For example, if the warframe has 175% power the passive recharge is of 26 hp/s, and the active one is of 70 hp/s(96 hp/s) with resistances of 90%(960 ehp/s) I'm not sure about the stats, maybe I'll change them
  12. Wow nice concept i love the design, but my stats are different.
  13. The reason for these statistics is Siege, this ability can turn the Warframe into a tank without other defences and about the speed yup it's true
  14. Maybe I explained it incorrectly what Siege is supposed to be Siege is a energy field that absorb all the incoming damage the Warframe never recibe damage while Siege is active it's not a normal shield i don't like the normal shield
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