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  1. Type: In game Description: Mission group warping in railjack Visual: If a player tries to warp when someone or others are in seated areas aka piloting, gunner, slingshot, this can lead to issues Expected result: I warp to the player pushing the mission objective while still having full warframe capabilities Observed result: The camera was inside my body, no movement was possible outside of rolling, shooting and swapping weapons, my model was not visible and the camera kept glitching out from inside my warframe's body Reproduction rate: I seem to only connect to people wit
  2. Update is super messed up. If you warp the crew to you, make sure everyone is just freely walking around or just following you. I was in the gunner seat and the warp happened completely pushing me out of the seat making the gunner seat not usable and me a useless teammate. They couldn't even proceed the mission and had to attempt the warp 4 more times before it finally worked to get me there. Even then it still thought I was in the gunner seat. I couldn't move or see myself and i could only shoot and roll. The only way out was for me to aim down sites and roll to the archwing point so i could
  3. DE, check on the forums for warframe necessary fixes and questions. Some frames dont work are aren't usable anymore or just arent strong in any sort of way. Also, was it intended for Zephyr's tornados to not receive damage from aoe weapons? I tried using bubonico and for some reason the damage never registered in the tornados at all. No damage numbers, and the enemies never took damage unless i shot the explosive aoes into the center to hit them directly. I'll need to do more testing but is this a bug or nah?
  4. Alrighty, back from a break and I notice a couple of bugs: People aren't able to level necramech stuff again and it just sits at zero while doing simaris captures, people are unable to see the dots or nodes inside the target and the scanner does not focus in at all so you don't know if you got it. The trails the targets leave behind also do not exist for those people. interior of the railjack still looks worn down even though i put the slider to pristine and new Not sure why but railjack missions dont seem as well thought out or worse than last time i played them. A
  5. Is anyone experiencing performance issues? Warframe runs my desktop kinda hard and for some reason is running it even harder. Oddly, people told me it runs better through the Epic launcher in a previous post. Does anybody know where in the forums they have gone to fix this because even more demanding games I've played I cannot hear my PC but warframe opens and for some reason fans need to go into overdrive. Is Warframe running stuff it shouldn't? I have uninstalled and reinstalled the game to see if that would fix it. Sadly it didn't. My friend whose PC is like 10x better than mine, previ
  6. As a member for 5 years playing, I have been quite disappointed these past 2 years. Simply being I have not had fun and have not enjoyed the game as I used to. In details, enjoy the power surge you get in the game and such through tons mods and such I have, but please look through my eyes for a moment. As a veteran, Mastery Rank 27 halfway to 28, I have not recently seen anything that says veterans welcome. The things that were supposed to be veterans we appreciate you were nerfed and then were handed off and forced into the arms of new players. I speak about Fortuna, Deimos, Necramechs, Ra
  7. So I admit I am in the boat of people who don't think the event is that great but allow me to explain my perspective. In early dev streams, this wasn't advertised as a 30 day event. It came off more like an alert. My first response was, "Oh, okay... so its going to be a buggy mess of an alert. Short and painful. Got it. I don't see how that will actually help since DE needs to listen to players more about the bugs that come up when we will need to play it again and again and voice our findings but what ever." I take a week break because school and I come back to DE announcing operation ve
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