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  1. lo lo no worries I get it. We gud. No issues with u. I misunderstood thats on me
  2. Lol I love people who want to blow up the negative into obnoxious proportions. Just get a popcorn and let them make the drama for themselves and then sit down exhausted. Might as well offer them popcorn too XD.
  3. Ohhhh, I see. I never care to look at in game stats. Does the game not count Simulacrum hours? Oh god... I just unveiled my secret where all my time went XD.
  4. on steam at this current moment it says I have 4,258.7 hours. You are wrong and looking at someone else. Also that's creepy that you are looking for my steam profile since its friends only.
  5. Hmm, I didn't see this but it make sense. True this ship for the crossplay will need a lot of work and I hope it goes well.
  6. Why limit who we block? We have a reason for blocking people. If someone is harassing us because they want a prime set for 50% cheaper than what we posted, that's annoying and we are going to block them. That accumulates very quickly.
  7. I don't know how to say this other than I feel this is Nightwave is lazy. (keep in mind this is my opinion and I've played for a long time 4,000 hours+) When I look through the rewards of Nightwave I don't mind seeing stuff repeated as long as its not semi recent in any degree and it's not from another Nightwave. What hurts me more that the only thing exclusive about having played a Nightwave season is the creds that come from it. Granted I still have creds from season 1 but who cares about that. Having Wolf creds is like saying, "GUYS CHECK IT OUT I GOT MY PARTICIPATION TROPHY LETS GOOOOOO!" When in reality everyone will get it within 4 months and go wooptee doo I have the same Emblem as you after the season is done and its been 2 months since it ended. So let's these Nightwave rewards down quickly for those of us who play semi consistently or just pop on for the events that have stuff we actually want. All forma is useful New Wave Ephemera is cool Waverider orbiter posters are cool I guess 3 x arcane energize is nice (I personally dislike farming arcanes) Noggle of Yareli with her alt helmet (since when did noggles get their alt helmets? Can we get Noggles of deluxe skins?) But that's where it stops for us. Thats.... not a lot... So what isn't useful to us or seems like a bad reward. Eros Ephemera its a beautiful ephemera but it is one of the newer ephemeras and only good for new players and those who missed the valentines event. Trust me when I say, most people dropped the resources on Ticker's bonds and picked up the ephemera and turned around to leave. Keratos Sugatra I don't like how this sugatra looks and well its what ever. Could look nice on a melee weapon I don't normally use I guess. Orokin Reactor this feels painfully lazy Rifle Riven Mod If this is your thing, great you get rivens and you love rivens. Rivens are not necessary at all and I feel there could have been a better reward here. Liset Athari Skin Nobody uses Liset. The reasons why you are still using Liset are You don't have the Prime one You don't have other options and you don't know where their farming locations are, you don't care to farm them, or you just started the game You don't know where the menu to change it is Exposing Harpoon The only time I saw someone using Harpak is when they were leveling, then the weapon was gone. It isn't interesting at all and the crit chance the augment gives doesn't make me want to go back and get it burst rifles are not popular. Don't ask me why, I don't know peoples opinions. Precision Strike It's an explosive weapon with an awkward augment. It's interesting but I never see it used. Boolean Syandana I am very sure we just had this syandana in a previous Nightwave or something very recent. It feels too soon to be seeing this again Frakta Shoulder Guard I am on the fence about this once since it's been a hot minute. I'll let the reader come up with their own idea if its just right or too soon. So there you go. Not so great really. The Wave Ephemera is cool and I am interested to see some one with amazing understanding of fashion pop into my mission and put me in a state of aw with it. But outside of that, the only other thing that hurts me is exclusivity. I want people to get these exclusive items from Nightwave seasons but the way it is being done does not do the justice of making those who were there for it feel exclusive. Partly I am a sulky veteran who wants to feel like we are noticed whether we are in serious Guilds that participate in the Guild events, or those who spend their time enjoying the game for what it is, or who lend a helping hand to newer players hoping to guide them through the maze that is the beginning of warframe. It is disappointing to see an mastery rank 3 person in my anomaly mission who has no idea what an amp is face Lv 80 sentients. There is too much I'm disappointed with and for some reason I am less forward to being interested in hitting mastery rank 30.
  8. So everyone got an affinity booster and everyone who could play the content started grabbing the new weapons and such to play around with it. I cannot spawn a Sister of Parvos still and its day 3. I already explained to support about my issue. I've tried everything: I've changed my frame, I streamed to a friend to make sure I was using zenith granum crowns, I got all stages of rewards in granum void. Nothing, nothing worked to cause the sister of parvos larvling thing to spawn at all. I dont care to touch railjack anymore unless its with people I know because I keep queueing into MR 8 and below who payed $20 for the instant railjack pack and dont know how to play the game thus I spend 30 painful minutes explaining how to play just for the mission to take an hour and 13 minutes. What's the point of DE telling me they are fixing something if even on their third patch its still not fixed. To top it all off Yareli is useless beyond belief. She was made just to get put into the grave. Bad concept and DE ignored everything people were saying not to do. Don't do k drive, Don't put k drive into normal missions, and guess what, no one uses that stupid ability because level geometry doesnt accommodate it. I just want to play the game and have fun. Just want to use the boosters and stuff they give us. Kinda stupid the content isn't accessible bc of a bug.
  9. Great, so you made another useless warframe. Yareli is just the cute warframe that has a k drive ability. You ignored the majority of the community telling you the truth, the abilities have major issues. Lets go over Yareli's stats: Health - 100 Average Shield - 450 Average Armor - (was on the lower end 65) post hotfix 100, slightly lower than average Energy - 300 Above Average Starting Polarites: 3 including aura slot, Average. Although her base survivability is not great. The majority of what makes of a warframe is the kit (the abilities that make the warframe) but that's where it all falls apart. Her abilities are similar to other abilities we have seen but are either worse or painfully useless. Sea Snares Energy Cost - Average for a spam cast Damage - piss poor This ability is just awful. It only suspends 3 enemies per cast and does no relevant damage. This is an easy fix but sadly I wont be surprised if it isn't done to the degree necessary to be worth touching. The only "okay" thing about this ability is the cost but even if this was 0 cost I still would have a hard time touching this ability. I don't understand truly what DE was going for with this warframe. I thought this warframe was supposed to be a movement based with passive + active DOT abilities. Half of the abilities do not match this idea and the other half are just painfully bad. Merulina Energy cost - lower than most defensive abilities Defensive stat - 75% damage reduction and damage is directed toward Merulina With the most brutal honesty, this ability is not fun. Level geometry and pathing do not allow this K-drive movement to be useful at all. More so it is a hinderance and you will spend more time getting stuck or or flat on your face because you hit a twig. I understand why vehicles are mostly for open world but if we want more stupid ideas like this we can add necramechs to the normal levels and see how that goes. Nezha's warding halo far out performs this stupid ability (as well as Nezha also being a team player and fun). I'd rather have Merulina just orbit me and reduce damage by 75% or have the dumb aquablades do that. Watching someone use this ability is just as stupid as you think it is. Aquablades Energy Cost - shockingly high Damage - awful I am not sure what DE was trying to do here with this ability. This ability is meant to defensive? But with no verticality and poor ability to stun people at the ranges that matter, this ability should not be used. 75 energy for this ability is a crime. Like Sea Snares, if this was 0 cost I wouldn't touch this ability. There is no reason to go for mercy killing which is what its good at for some reason and if an enemy is getting stunned at the range that the ability is active in, you are most likely dead or soon to be dead. There is too many things wrong with this ability for me to care about it and if you are going to replace an ability with helminth, replacing the first or third ability is trying to pick which ability you hate less. The lesser of two evils. Riptide Energy cost - too high Damage - doesnt exist If you ever want to be disappointed when you press a flashy ability, this is it. If you have ever played Frost and pressed 4 in areas where enemies were levels 60 or higher, you would have stood there looking at all the frozen enemies that thaw out within 5 seconds of your cast and then die to a bombard. It's damage scaling and base damage are not significant enough. This ability seems like it was meant to be a damaging ability but falls extremely short. The cost to cast this is way too much for this ability doing nothing. Overall this warframe is disappointing. She needs an overhaul on his abilities. Her entire concept and kit are extremely bad and are obnoxious at best. Her best ability is her passive and... that is no reason to play a warframe. Just play any other frame. In terms of the update, she is the lowest point of the whole update which is very sad. I dont even expect a good buff/rework. Go back to the drawing board with this frame, looks arent everything. I deem her not worth anything. Edit: so a buff came out for Yareli and outside of the buff to her passive its still bad. They converted her damage type to cold for some reason and cold is a useless element other than to make viral or blast. I am not sure why they changed the damage type of her 4th ability to cold but that just seems worse than blast for some reason. I could be wrong about that doesnt sound right to me. I'll need to play around with it to get more of a feeling if it actually matters. Either way the ability still doesnt do enough damage. Sea snares... I don't know how else to say this but to compete with other cc abilities, a max of 15 sea snares is simple not enough and the damage for the ability is still too low for my liking. Changing the damage type to cold is just redundant, they arent moving so just go back to slash or what ever it was (I think it was all physical? Someone please correct me on that) Aquablades still a useless skill. Duration was piss poor to begin with and now its sort better for duration. Damage still sucks on it and having no verticality will lead to its instant replacement. Funny note for aquablades, when they first showed off Yareli and they cast aquablades while on Muralina, the aquablades missed most of the targets that were standing up while on Muralina. there is many enemies who are hunched over or shorter or whose hitboxes are weird at the top (stupid moas) so this is really stupid. If they wanted to actually fix this (which i know they wont for years to come) just make it a bubble around her and the blades make contact with everything in that bubble. I don't know what tot say anymore. This warframe is the warframe you play for the passive, not a single part of her kit is good or useful or fun. This is too stupid for me to be playing right now.
  10. I was going to add exilus weapon adapters and now I cannot. DE if I cant use the forma you gave us to make this and then reforma a weapon to get the slot and use the affinity booster you gave us, I have no words but frustration really. There is a lot of stupid in this update.
  11. In relation to the last couple dev streams, I don't think giving power to guns through mods alone is a good idea. Some secondaries but a ton of primaries just feel awful to use. Either they are extremely lack luster or their damage output is pitiful. Although melee is strong, melee seems to be in a good place allowing people to use what melee weapon they want where as pistols, while there are a handful of fun and good ones still pales in the amount that actually do good on their own. Moving onto primaries is a joke and you see the same 10 or 15 primaries in everyone's arsenal because they are the ones that aren't completely bad. No a riven isn't the answer because then you can say that about every weapon. Notice how nobody uses the crossbows. The crossbows for the most part are just bad versions of assault rifles except they hit like peas being flung with a plastic spoon by some toddler. Really think this through. Make the weapons worthwhile to use. Why make hundreds of weapons that are just awful to use and just start lowering the playing field till the only simple solution is just warframe abilities only? That defeats the purpose of having 3 weapons equipped (4 if you have the heavy weapon slot unlocked). It just looks lazy to nerf melee and shove in mods for guns that may not do anything besides add to a collection of mods we don't even touch. Seeing as most of the newer mods that were made in an attempt to either bring synergy to gun and melee combat or small buffs have just been tossed in the library as odd mods. The buffs are more work than most people are willing to put in most of the time and even then there are still faster ways of getting damage increases. Think this through, I am more than happy to go through the entire arsenal of primaries and tell you which ones I never see used unless someone finds it fun.
  12. So they release a few primes with gimmicks or abilities (what ever term you want to use) but then put out more prime gear that is way too normal or isn't really that interesting out of looks. Tenora Prime, eh... Pandero Prime, eh... Volnus, it's an axe that cuts you... Gear what is likable and lovable has something that is unique to it. Soma Prime can forever hold the standard assault rifle slot, what ever. But for Tenora to come in with a prime variant and its basically a tiberon without a burst and swapping mode function just wont do.
  13. DE needs to put more information out about the items even weapons. Simply going to the market and reading the description from clicking on Voidrig doesn't say anything about the very important info. How are newer people supposed to know you cannot use necramechs in normal missions? Or the fact it requires quite a bit of story progression? No where does it say that. $25 wasted on something that you thought looked amazing just leaves a bad taste in your mouth. I am also pretty sure one of my friends (pay to win mindset) bought a railjack and doesn't have archwing unlocked.
  14. (Constructive Criticism) As much as I would like to be able to do Warframe's content with my friends that vary in Mastery Rank from 5-30, I do believe there should be requirements to specific content such as Railjack, Open World (Eidolons, Orb Mothers, Deimos Vaults), Helminth, Kuva Lich. Too many newer players hop into these missions and simply don't understand the difficulty spike and most likely are not equipped to handle the enemies at that level. I don't mind running through the railjack with newer players and showing them where everything is and how it works, but there comes a point where its excessive. Obviously the quest for railjack is quite expensive for newer players even though the resource requirement for each piece was nerfed, however I think there should be a minimum Mastery Requirement. Even when meeting stronger enemies with optimism and the want to get better, I see a lot of newer players get discouraged by content they should not be focusing on. This Necramech issue is just silly. Yes, Necramechs are death fueled machines of destruction, but when newer players are buying these open world exclusive vehicles with major spoilers attached to them, its hard to say whether or not that was a good idea. Ideally a balance of requirements should be met to proceed with the content but not to a point where the game becomes a list of check boxes just to be able to step over a line. More so, you have met a basic power requirement or story requirement which makes sense. Locking the Necramechs from purchase from newer players that have not done the story quests is a good requirement. I believe the feeling of power gain and exclusiveness could help people feel better about where they are in the game and assist newer players by helping them focus on the more necessary things: Story, Mastery rank, Star Chart. No need to read to much into my words, I simply wish for warframe to clear its name of being a newb killer game Edit: So I am no game developer or game designer, but if you go to the warframe's website and then the store, one of the packs you can buy is instant access to railjack for $20... DE that is not okay... That just isn't smart and is probably why I am meeting so many people in railjack that have no clue how to sustain the railjack itself or do the missions.
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