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  1. While I agree that Trinity's current passive is underwhelming and honestly unnoticeable; changing the passive to give damage bonuses based on allies dying seems strange for a healer. It would make more sense for the passive to remain focused on saving allies. I believe it would be more helpful for Trinity to have a set number (three, for example) of instant revives per mission, functioning identically to how the Mending Soul node instant revives from the Vazarin focus school do. Yes, I would go as far as saying it is likely the most unused ability in the game (relatively). However, I believe it is important for Trinity to remain a pure support frame, adding damage abilities ruins the balance that is achieved from her being as powerful of a support as she currently is. I like the idea of Trinity empowering her allies attacks with unique effects; sticking true to the vampire theme - [1] Well of Life (would be renamed) could provide the lifesteal to attacks made by allies rather than marking enemies for lifesteal. Alternatively, since it's been well established that the ability is worthless because of [4] Blessing, allies attacks could "mark" allies with Confusion (radiation proc). The second option would be more realistic and could synergize very nicely with the augment Pool of Life. Energy Vampire is fine how it is, it does not need to be reworked. I would love to see the ability changed to work on allies instead of enemies (maintaining the support theme), here is my suggested change: Trinity would link with 1 / 2 / 2 / 3 of the closest Tenno within Affinity Range over a duration 6 / 8 / 10 / 12 seconds, reducing incoming damage by 50% / 60% / 70% / 75% and preventing Status Effects (this would function similar to how the Ack and Brunt's Electromagnetic Shielding augment works). I agree that it should be re-castable. Honestly, you could just remove the damage reduction that the ability provides, It's strong enough as a burst heal. Adding the damage reduction to the [3] Link suggestion made above would be an appropriate change.
  2. In the current state of Renewal they should just get rid of the initial healing entirely, honestly, Renewal isn't reliable enough to "burst heal". Renewal functions better as a heal-over-time that also provides status cures. If this rework was to happen, I believe this would have to be something they would have to ensure would not occur. I have settled on a build that can sustain the ability just fine, thank you for your concern. However, in my opinion Oberon takes far to many forma just to sustain his ability and enable you to cast everything else; for a lot of the testing I had been doing, I often felt that I would have to choose between either sustaining Renewal or casting other abilities, just as @NinjaZeku has brought up. In case you weren't aware, Wisp does provide a flat health bonus - and quite a large one at that... Her buff can be sustained for more than a minute. She does NOT have to channel this ability and it only costs her 25 energy to cast. Sure she doesn't provide any armour, but it is far easier for her to maintain recasting this ability than it is for Oberon.
  3. Passionate, perhaps. I would not go as far to say it is entitled.
  4. A few months back I had made a similar post simply titled Oberon - Changes to Renewal. In this post I had loosely listed my own opinion and the opinions of others regarding feedback for his [3] Renewal ability. Since that post, I have spent a large portion of time (and forma) trying different builds with Oberon to maximize his effectiveness and efficiency with Renewal. Alongside perfecting the build, I have attempted various mission types to gather data regarding obvious issues with the ability - I hope to summarize them here. Confusing ability mechanics To start I want to point out how misleading both the wiki and the in-game description of the ability are: Both of these misleading descriptions make it seem as if Renewal is consistently generating healing from Oberon himself, however, in testing this proves to simply NOT be true; as it currently is, Renewal creates a field of healing at the point of activation that does NOT travel with him. Furthermore, even in the official Warframe Profile video for Oberon the ability is presented in an incredibly misleading way; never once mentioning that the effect remains at the point of activation. Alongside these mechanics being confusing and not player-friendly, this ability is further paired with an arguably worse issue... It is quite literally invisible... Ability animations (or rather, lack thereof) Upon activating Renewal, you will (barely) see a wave travelling out from the point of activation. Once the wave has reached its full radius, it will disappear and you will be left with an "assumed" field of healing. With no way to visually prompt players that there is even an ability taking place in the area you're presented with two possible outcomes: 1. Stumble around blindly - running around in circles until you notice the Renewal buff across the top of your screen. OR 2. Ignore the buff completely - who has time to go on a scavenger hunt when there are mandatory objectives to meet in a mission? The only visual cue that we currently have is a very faint green outline on allies currently affected by the Renewal buff. This glowing outline is faint enough that at certain distances it cannot be seen. In such a fast-paced, high-mobility game like Warframe, it's completely unacceptable that this has been left this long. To me, this seems like a mechanic that was forgotten when the original change from a duration-based projectile to an range-based AoE ability occurred (see original Oberon Profile video); as a projectile with infinite range you never needed to worry about allies NOT getting the buff - thus, the visual cue was almost unnecessary at that time. I have recorded some footage of myself using Oberon's Renewal to show these in better detail (see below): Additionally, I believe that the Phoenix Renewal augment mod suffers from a similar lack of animations. When a player dies under the effect of Renewal there is a brief message that simply just says "Phoenix Renewal" and shows the 90 second debuff (inability to revive again for the duration) in the top corner of the screen. Poor ability interactions Changing Renewal from a duration-based projectile to a range-based AoE skill could have been seen as an improvement, had it been done properly. Unfortunately, the ability suffers from more than just zero visual representation and misleading mechanics. As stated earlier, Renewal creates a radial field of healing; allies stepping into the field of healing gain the Renewal buff which restores health per second. However, your allies cannot gain the buff twice from the same cast of Renewal (see below): Incredibly Draining Renewal is a channeled ability that, by default, drains 2 energy/s to remain active. For each player who falls below their maximum health Renewal will drain an additional 3 energy/s (i.e; if all four players are below maximum life, Renewal will drain an additional 12 energy/s). Furthermore, each non-player ally (i.e; companions, syndicate operatives, specters, and summoned abilities such as Nekros's Shadows) that falls below maximum life will drain a further 1 energy/s. Initiating the ability also has a base cost of 25 energy - to top it all off. The cost of the ability is overwhelming at times and requires reconsideration. So... what can be done? Proposed Changes Change Renewal to function as an aura that centers on Oberon himself, rather than a radial field that remains at the point of activation. Give a better/more obvious visual cue to both Renewal and Phoenix Renewal. Allow allies to regain the buff from the same instance after having the buff removed/lost. Adjust the energy drain to be more realistic. TLDR; > Change Renewal to function as an aura centered on Oberon himself. > Provide better visual representation of both allies under the effect of the buff and the radius of Renewal. > Allow Renewal to be reapplied from the same instance to allies who have lost the buff by falling off the map/into water or being nullified. > Adjust the energy drain of Renewal to be more in-line with current abilities.
  5. That is an over-reaction, honestly; we are fully capable of having a "serious discussion" while talking about using affinity range as the generalized range for most skills that provide party support. Yes, there would obviously require some balancing, and yes, some skills/augments would require change - however, I believe it is in the best interest of the game to open up to this more "party-friendly" play-style. A perfect example of a skill that should be altered to be based on affinity range rather than it's default range is Hildryn's Haven ability (see details below).
  6. After creating a thread talking about possible ways to implement better mechanics and/or improve on current mechanics for tank support (Allow for more Archetypes (tanking)), I wanted to return with some more ideas for broadening some of the current play-styles that we see. In Warframe, team composition is, without a doubt, one of the biggest core-aspects of the game. However, it has lately felt that the "team" isn't really "working together", and is more often than not competing for kills. There is always room for group synergy when building a team in Warframe, and having a person who provides a buff is always appreciated. There should be more emphasis on including more team mechanics in warframes - even if it is just through the addition of augment mods. There are already several warframes currently in the game that provide buffs in various forms, however, for this thread I wanted to focus on improving some very specific augment mods to provide a very diverse opportunity for team compositions. "Cast on Ally" Augments There are several augment mods in the game that allow for specific frames to cast damage abilities on allies, adding damage to their attacks for a duration. Here is a list of those augment mods with some brief details: Volt's Shock Trooper augment mod for Shock. Ember's Fireball Frenzy augment mod for Fireball. Frost's Freeze Force augment mod for Freeze. Saryn's Venom Dose augment mod for Spores. Oberon's Smite Infusion augment mod for Smite. The major issue with these augment mods and the reason why they likely don't see much use is because they can be incredibly difficult to use. In my opinion there are two major flaws when using them: 1you MUST target an ally with the ability and 2you (the frame casting the ability) can never be a target for the buff. To solve these two flaws, I want to present the following idea: Have the augment mod change the ability so that it applies a duration-based aura, instead of performing its normal action and mechanic. Augment mods offer a great opportunity to modify abilities in unique and interesting ways. I firmly believe that having these specific augment mods drastically change the way these abilities function would open a door for new builds and strange team compositions (i.e; using both Volt and Frost's auras in combination to add magnetic damage). Aura Radius Improvements I have seen various other threads mentioning the issue of the aura range provided by some abilities often falling far too short to be useful to your team. Above I have used a range for the augment's auras to be 10 / 12 / 15 / 18 meters (affected by Ability Range), but it might be time for auras and similar buffs to have generalized and/or static range; if not to simply just be based on affinity range (with some exceptions of course...) Some examples are: Eclipse Mirage has an augment mod for Eclipse that shares the ability's bonuses with allies. The biggest issue with Total Eclipse is that the ability range is pathetically small - only granting an aura with a radius of 3 / 3 / 4 / 5 meters (affected by Ability Range). If you're not inside Mirage's pocket just forget about even maintaining this buff. Turbulence Similar to the issues with Total Eclipse, Zephyr's Turbulence augment mod, Jet Stream, suffers from incredibly short range - having a base radius of 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 meters. Elemental Ward Vs. Vex Armour Chroma has two abilities that both provide buffs to nearby allies, however, each of the abilities has a different range - why it isn't even generalized within the warframe is beyond me. Elemental Ward has a base radius of 6 / 8 / 10 / 12 meters, while Vex Armour has a base radius of 8 / 10 / 15 / 18 meters. TLDR; Change "Cast on Ally" augment mods to apply as an aura instead of their prior function or mechanics. Change aura and buff skills to have generalized and/or static radiuses (possibly just using Affinity Range).
  7. In regards to the post I made... Firstly, let's get the facts about Peaceful Provocation out of the way: A rank-3 (max) Peaceful Provocation augment mod only provides a base of 40% slow, while providing up to a maximum of 80% slow with 200% Ability Strength. However, in doing so you've now increased the activation cost (negative efficiency) to 15.5 energy with a drain of 0.78 energy/s for EACH enemy affected by the aura. You claim that the energy drain is "conditional", and that it can be "counteracted" by Energy Siphon and Energizing Dash: A rank-5 (max) Energy Siphon only provides +0.6 energy regeneration/s. Having a whole squad (4 people) each running a max-ranked Energy Siphon provides a maximum of +2.4 energy regeneration/s. A rank-6 (max) Energizing Dash provides +5 energy regeneration/s and cannot be stacked with other instances of Energizing Dash. While also requiring you to be using Zenurik as your active focus tree. With those numbers in mind, let's take a look to see how viable this "counter-action" is... [4 Energy Siphon = +2.4 energy regeneration/s] + [Energizing dash = +5 energy regeneration/s] = +7.2 energy regeneration/s (yay, simple math) Impressive? Perhaps on paper... but it's not going to change how poorly this mechanic functions. Considering that our drain is 0.78 energy/s for EACH enemy affected by the aura, if ONLY ten (10) enemies are within the radius of your aura, you're still loosing 0.6 energy/s - that's only TEN (10) enemies. Let's make it a little more realistic and double that number - twenty (20) enemies; Assuming you've prepared and you've done everything that we've mentioned above, you're still going to be draining 8.4 energy/s! On top of it all, this is assuming that you're NOT casting any of your other abilities, since channeling Mend while you have Provoke active removes the ability to gain energy from both Energy Siphons and/or Energizing Dash - further making your argument invalid. You'll never experience this problem while using Provoke, since the drain is only based on your allies. Changing the ability to function by reducing the damage that allies take, instead of reducing the damage that enemies deal would allow for it to be brought into line with how sustainable Provoke is. Furthermore, the slowing effect from Peaceful Provocation could still be added to the enemies as they attack allies affected by the aura scaling up per enemy as damage is dealt.
  8. I think it would just be better if the length of the song could be extended; it's headache and insanity inducing to listen to the same loop for any amount of time. If we could create full length songs (~3-5 minute loops) we would have the ability to add more variety and depth to what we're going to be listening to for the duration of the mission. Additionally, the concept of her song being min-maxed by spamming notes should be removed. The triggers from all of her abilities should be generalized for every song.
  9. That is a perfect way to describe it. Retribution is intended to be a "payback" mechanic, you trigger it when you know there is going to be higher amounts of damage coming in to you (and your squad). It really shouldn't be treated as a mindless ability that you just recast every time the duration ends to grant a buff, that was never how it was intended to be used. I certainly don't want to tell you how to play the game, you obviously enjoy this play-loop that you've gotten used to. However, looking at this play-style from a mechanical perspective, since Covenant cannot be recast while it is active you run the risk of having it on "cool-down" (Retribution buff) when you may really need it (teammate taking large amounts of damage, boss is winding up for larger attack, environmental hazard is incoming, etc.). While Covenant is not JUST a panic button (as you've mentioned), it operates mechanically better when used as one. You may see his Retribution buff as beneficial (and it certainly is - in very specific situations), keep in mind that not every public squad member will be built for Critical Chance // Damage. There are a lot of weapons in the game that the maximum Retribution buff of +200% chance still won't reasonably benefit. I think the issue remains that the content you are doing just isn't scaling properly with your intentions. You want to be blocking huge amounts of damage to max out your buff - and that's fine, honestly, that's "fun" in your opinion - but you have to be realistic... you can't really find what you're looking for in the starchart difficulty. If you really want that buff to get higher, faster, I would recommend listening to the advice that myself and others in this thread have given you; specialize into more Ability Duration (so that the period of type accumulating damage is longer) or Ability Strength (to gain higher crit chance buffs / damage taken). Hopefully they release the difficulty sliders for starchart missions that will allow increased difficulty; allowing you to play closer to how the mechanics were intended.
  10. While I am normally of the belief that some of Harrow's abilities could be tweaked to make them a little easier to use within a party, Covenant would be the last thing that I believe needs to be changed. Currently, the ability functions as a type of "get-out-of-jail-free card" - ignoring both damage and status effects, while also providing a very hefty Critical Chance bonus. It is safe to say that the ability would have been strong enough had it just provided a temporary invulnerability to damage and status effects. From my own personal experience playing Harrow, it isn't very often that I don't cap out my critical chance buff from Retaliation while using Covenant. Perhaps try either specializing into more Ability Duration (so that the period of type accumulating damage is longer) or Ability Strength (to gain higher crit chance buffs / damage taken); these are two of the most natural ways to get a more consistent Retaliation buff.
  11. I haven't tested it with Power Donation, but I imagine if Growing Power works that it should work also.
  12. In testing I found that the reactant buff that you receive after opening a relic in Void Fissure missions did not seem to effect her Reservoirs either.
  13. Lore The "Muse"-frame could have originally been built as a form of entertainment, rather than a weapon, during the ancient Orokin era. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Appearance While I personally posses no artistic talent to draw even a rough concept sketch, the idea I had for his appearance was that of a jointed wooden puppet, with no facial features and very thin stilt legs. I envisioned Muse as a very thin (almost scarecrow-esque) frame wearing a long Liripipe-Hood and Cloak. He would have the remains of thin puppeteering string hanging from both his wrists and ankles. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Base Stats Health: 100 (300 at Rank 30) Shield: 75 (225 at Rank 30) Armor: 15 Energy: 150 (225 at Rank 30) Sprint Speed: 1.1 Default Polarities Base Polarity: Madurai (), Vazarin () Exilus: (None) Aura: Vazarin () _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Passive “Troupe” – Muse and allied warframes within affinity range each have a floating Troupe Mask. Passive “Captivating” – While under the affects of a Troupe mask, enemies within 15 meters have a 6% chance of becoming attracted for 5 seconds. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Abilities* Muse utilizes a unique system for casting his abilities - relying on both energy and health to pay the cost; this action symbolically suggests pouring his heart into his actions. [1] "Dazzle" – 20 Energy, 20 Health A flash of brightly coloured lights is released from each of the Troupe masks, blinding all enemies in a small radius for several seconds. [2] "Pantomime" – 40 Energy, 40 Health The Troupe Masks channel their motivation through affected warframes for a duration, causing stacking buffs based on the actions performed by the possessed frame. [3] "Imitate" – 60 Energy, 60 Health The Troupe masks mimic nearby enemies’ attacks for a duration, giving a chance to prevent damage taken from an attack and reflect it back at the enemy. [4] "Tragedy" – 3.5 Health/second Muse channels his own lifeforce into the masks, causing allied attacks and abilities to gain lifesteal while under the effect of Troupe, converting a percentage of damage dealt to enemies into health for the player. While at full health, Tragedy converts excess health into shields, additionally converting excess shields into overshields. *all values listed for abilities are placeholders and not intended as 'balanced' or 'play-tested' numbers. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ As this is my first time making a warframe concept thread, feel free to leave feedback and/or advice!
  14. I don't know if I'm reading into this wrong, but I believe OP meant to have the random warframe arbitration buff act more like riven mods currently do. This would mean instead of getting +300% Power Strength on your random frame, you could get a combination of different modifiers; for example, [+X% Range, +X% Duration, -X% Efficiency], or [+X% Efficiency, -X% Power]. Having the arbitration modifier be more randomized might make choosing that specific frame more viable - rather than how it currently is, where people really only bring in their most survivable frames. This could even further be made true if stats like Health, Shield, and Armour could be increased randomly for the arbitration.
  15. Reservoirs already has a built in mechanic that you can cast it more than six times; recasting with max reservoirs will deploy another one, while simultaneously despawning your oldest one. Considering the fact that the majority of mission types in this game are linear (i,e; mobile defense, extermination, assassination, capture, etc.) or stationary (i.e; defense, survival, etc.), if you're clever enough you can simply recast the ability in strategic positions as you progress through the mission, always moving the reservoirs with you.
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