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  1. Rename Railjack Crew Members Similar to how we can rename weapons for 10 platinum, there should be a feature to customize the crewmembers with personalized "nicknames" (maintaining the 10 platinum cost per rename). "Universal Pickup" Since it has been made clear that universal vacuum is never going to be added to the game, the squad-pickup that exists in railjack missions (one player picking up a resource or item picks it up for the team) should be extended to all other mission types. - Interactables (Ayatan Sculptures and Stars) would still require players to manua
  2. It would be more appropriate to reassess the current augment mods and make the decision to incorporate the "band-aid" augment mods into the native ability.
  3. That someone is another example of an outlier - by definition.
  4. 1. Calling this old data? That's a laugh. Statistics can be used to infer data trends long after their time of publication. This statistical data was released one month after the release of the helminth system, that's adequate time for a trend to form. If anything, were new data to be provided, I predict the data would be more skewed towards fewer abilities - meaning now that the accursed meta has settled, the data would favour fewer abilities being chosen. As I have already provided appropriate evidence supporting my argument, the burden of proof shifts to you to prove me wrong. I
  5. This is another example of something that will not be used. Absolutely, the data is publicly available and has been provided through Devstreams (specifically Home Devstream #6). You can see in the above post that the information has neatly been put into a graph that shows the "most applied" Helminth abilities. These abilities are the most subsumed for two reasons: They are new and need to be tested. They are objectively the best abilities. As you work your way down the list you can see that the data suggests next to no users are applying the later abiliti
  6. It quite literally is. If you were to consider, on average, the amount of mod configuration slots that are used by active community members I guarantee that the option to have six is excessive as it is. You are an outlier in this. I am not suggesting that you do anything at all. I do not concern myself with what you do in game. Currently, DE has provided the option to have a generous six mod configuration slots on a single frame. If you truly think that you need more than that, you have the option to obtain a second frame to configure how you see fit. A duplicat
  7. While I would like to see a system that allows us to reorganize abilities (rebind [1] to [2], [3] to [4], etc.) I have to agree with @Leqesai that the proposed system is visually overwhelming. Keep Helminth with Helminth; mods with mods. The Infirmary has a lot of space and potential, introduce this feature somewhere within its own system.
  8. It's unrealistic to assume that you are going to subsume 12+ abilities onto a single frame. There are not enough archetypical ability types in the game to justify what you're asking for. Within the helminth system alone, even in the cases of introducing new abilities, there will always be the objective best ability for the specific archetype you are going for. If you truly desire (and have the time to actively use) 12+ different ability configurations, I would recommend investing in a duplicate warframe to experiment with. This is too much of a fringe request to even be consid
  9. I strongly disagree with this idea. Have Beastmaster work like the Shepherd Aura and call it a day. Shepherd provides flat bonuses which are much better. Beastmaster also needs to affect all companions. Keep in mind that Smites augment already requires a hold-to-cast and is one of the better reasons to use the ability. Additionally, you run into two major issues with adding another feature to smite: It would be clunkier than simply recasting Smite, it wouldn't be able to spread radiation procs as well as Hallowed Ground. Adding a healing effect to S
  10. I have always wanted Haven to only affect allies. I would support an augment that changed the ability to only affect allies, however, I believe it would be more beneficial to increase the default range than it would be to increase the effect. This has been an idea that has been kicked around the forums. Personally, I would love to see this. Linked allies should also be immune to status effects.
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