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  1. Lmao... It's clearly working as intended. Here are some screenshots from the same video... Looks fine to me:
  2. Your change will actually bring more limitations to Grendel as he will always be competing for energy in situations where it is naturally being drained, such as energy vampire nightmare more and parasitic eximus. I strongly disagree with only being able to cast Pulverize at full energy. With that being said, I do think that there should be some changes to the way the abilities work to streamline Grendel's playstyle: Feast definitely needs to drain no energy; it's his main ability and how he activates his other abilities. While it should require an initial activation cost, I
  3. Vauban's new passive gives you a multiplicative 25% bonus weapon and ability damage to enemies that are affected by your traps; it's intentional.
  4. Even the most silken voices can cut like glass if they are overused; there exists too much of a good thing.
  5. This is something that I have seen mentioned: when a prime or deluxe skin gets released, it should be released with reworks and tweaks to incentivize purchase. Hydroid's deluxe skin looks great, but Hydroid himself is not worth using - meaning fewer people are going to buy the skin.
  6. Fully support, this is a great idea. It would fit almost a Signature weapon and Signature mod set for Nidus.
  7. Every Wednesday at 10:00 AM (EST) is officially when we can band together and turn the focus towards warframe revists and revises. Warframes are the core product of this game, they are literally what is used by an individual to complete all of the content (not counting some specific content islands). There needs to be more attention placed on correcting bugs, fixing mechanical issues, and proportionate balancing between warframes. Every time new content is added there is an increasing number of variables that will make balancing more difficult, however, if every other update was a re
  8. Yeah, I'm with you... Aegis storm isn't that powerful. Refilling shields is kind of the point, is it not? It's a strange restriction. I think it would be more important to have a more fluid gameplay loop than having, in my personal opinion, a clunky set of abilities that forces you to choose between using only [1] and [4] or [2] and [3]. I am sure all the subsumed ability glitches (such as Gredel not being able to cast subsumed abilities while in Pulverize) will eventually be sorted out, but I think not being able to cast her [2] and [3] in Aegis Storm is one of the features holding
  9. It would be nice to be able to cast Pillage and Haven while in Aegis Storm; I've always found it strange that you cannot.
  10. "Forget the promise of progress and understanding, for in the grim dark future there is only war Nightwave Series three."
  11. Even if it did not add anything, Volatile Quick Return costs less capacity to have equipped than Quick Return. Is that not enough of a reason to keep it?
  12. I'm sold; I would pay money to not have to listen to Otak.
  13. This is literally so true. While it will inevitably end up as a nerf, weapon mods should not be able to affect the strength of an ability. Perhaps if the whip acted like a pseudo-exalted (similar to Garuda's claws - which are modded separately) it wouldn't be getting nerfed; stat sticks are only as strong as they are because of max-disposition riven mods.
  14. You have made the option to mute Ordis and Nora Night (thank you DE), but there desperately needs to be a mute option for Otak.
  15. What makes the argument of riven mod families even more convincing is that player progression is important. For example, a player has a Cernos riven and enjoys using the Cernos. The Mutalist Cernos is natural progression (requiring a regular Cernos to build); the player will intuitively assume that their riven will apply to the new weapon, as it is part of the same family. We see natural progression again with the Proboscis Cernos (requiring a Mutalist Cernos to build), neither the Cernos riven or the Mutalist Cernos riven work on the Proboscis Cernos. This riven system needs to be made more c
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