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  1. That's all well and good, but can you explain why I am unable to trade veiled rivens? It is incredibly inconvenient and doesn't lend itself to the potential issues you have highlighted.
  2. Additionally, can we get Exilus slots for companion weapons?
  3. I was excited to see the new Arcanes, especially the damage reduction while reviving allies, that one seemed really useful.
  4. If her ability is going to remain the same way, I would fully support the change to allow your allies to pick up the Tribute buff "Souls". I had actually made a similar thread over a year ago highlighting this change:
  5. That's actually a really interesting suggestion. I would support a similar change.
  6. To streamline the ability and remove some convoluted steps, it may be easier if you could just select the buff to cast, rather than having to gain the "Tribute" from an enemy. I completely agree that trying to find the buff amidst the flashing lights and explosions that have become so typical of Warframe is annoying. Keep the cycle wheel, but just make the buff instant on cast, no more having to target enemies and collecting the buff.
  7. I believe that the Aura Forma should be changed to simply be a Universal Forma (excluding Umbra polarity), allowing it to be used on any and all slots. The cost of creating an Aura Forma (four Forma, one Argon Crystal, ten Nitain Extract, and 100,000 Credits) is enough to balance this change being implemented. I have thought about the Stance Forma and came to the conclusion that it isn't very useful - to the point that I honestly don't see myself ever bothering to acquire one. However, a Universal Forma would allow for MANY new builds to be made. That's just my opinion.
  8. Are there plans to introduce Magus Arcanes to the reward shop, or will it only be Warframe Arcanes?
  9. So true. I never once felt like I was connected with another squad of Tenno.
  10. ______________________________________________________ The Problem ______________________________________________________ While there are various parts of Oberon's ability set that could use some work, I want to specifically focus on [1] Smite in this thread. Smite is clearly intended to be used as a damage ability, but it's "scaling" mechanics prevent it from being useful in any area of the game: Keeping in mind that the additional damage from health and/or shield conversion does NOT scale with power strength and remains consistently 35% at max rank we can start to look at some numbers: A level 80 Corrupted Bombard has 26,292 health - 35% of that is 9,202 Keeping in mind that the additional damage is spread across each of the orbs (6), each orb is then only doing 150+1,533 damage (at max rank - no mods). Things start to fall apart more when we add additional power strength, since power strength increases the amount of orbs that are spawned - However, does NOT increase the percentage damage conversion. This means that Smite cannot perform as either a single-target or crowd damage ability; you're going to have to build for lower power strength to achieve greater single-target damage, or sacrifice a great deal of damage in order to hit more targets. (I will upload a video showcasing this interaction at a later time) ______________________________________________________ The Proposed Solution ______________________________________________________ Oberon is a support focused frame, providing armour and healing to allies. The one useful portion of Oberon's damage abilities has always been the Radiation procs that they inflict; since Radiation applies the "Confusion" status, providing some crowd-control. Smite currently only guarantees the status effect to the initial target, and only a chance to any other targets. Smite should have its damage reduced (or removed, to be completely honest) and provide each of the orbs the ability to "Mark" each of their targets with Smite: Enemies hit by Smite are marked with Smite for 10 / 11 / 13 / 15 seconds (affected by ability duration) Marked enemies suffer a "Confusion" and "Weakened" proc for the duration of the ability Marked enemies have a 25% / 35% / 45% / 50% chance to drop a Health Orb on death. ______________________________________________________ Introduce New Ability Synergy ______________________________________________________ Ability Synergy: Enemies marked with Smite while standing on Hallowed Ground will have a 25% / 35% / 45% / 50% chance to drop an additional Health Orb on death. ______________________________________________________ Augment ______________________________________________________ The recent changes made to Smite Infusion are perfect, no changes needed.
  11. You're absolutely right - while Rhino's [4] Stomp did not work, I used a low power strength Zephyr's [4] Tornado to hold them in a rag-doll state, slid and shot them to complete the challenge. Thank you all for the brainstorming.
  12. Do you know an easy way of making this happen?
  13. That's a good idea, however, I've just tried using a low power strength Rhino's [4] Stomp on several of the grounded pilots - even once they are suspended in the air, sliding and killing them does not count towards the riven. Here is the build: I am sorry, I don't really understand what you're implying I do? First of all, you have to be sliding when you get the kill. Secondly, even if the ability could target the Dargyn, the explosion would kill the pilot.
  14. The riven challenge: I am attempting to complete this riven solo, and desperately need some advice; nothing that I've tried so far seems to work. The problems: Killing the Dargyn does not count towards killing the Dargyn pilot. If the Dargyn is killed by anything, it will explode and prevent you from killing the pilot. The pilot has be in the air while you are on the ground - AND sliding. What I've tried: I remember previously doing a similar challenge with Mag's [1] Pull, where the ability would rip the pilots out of the Dargyns, but it does not seem to work anymore and doesn't affect the Dargyns at all. Using Limbo's [2] Stasis, and then trying to [1] Banish the Dargyn provides the error message: "Invalid Target". Additionally, [2] Stasis and [4] Cataclysm don't affect the Dargyns. Saryn's [1] Spores provides the error message: "Invalid Target" when aiming at the Dargyns. I put together a Nezha build that utilizes negative friction to slide for incredibly long distances and uses a low damage Baza Prime, however, the issue still becomes the Dargyns dying triggers an explosion that kills the pilot. Any advice or builds that could potentially work to complete this challenge would be appreciated - I will continue testing an post updates as I go.
  15. A puppeteering frame that utilizes crowd-control mechanics and provides unique support abilities for allies. I had previously made a thread detailing the abilities more, but never got around to flesh them out:
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