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  1. I support this - it makes more sense thematically.
  2. I had more lumped it in to the mix since it is the augment that provides the buff to allies, whereas the base ability only affects Zephyr. I think the base ability works fine, but from the standpoint of trying to have a support build, it simply cannot be done without hiding inside an ally's pocket.
  3. I have to agree. I was excited when they rolled out the patch that made all the changes to so many different augment mods - mostly improving quality of life and mechanics. However, the base range for the augment does need to be increased from what it currently is. On a side note, Zephyr's augment Jet Stream has a laughably small radius of only 6m default that also should be greatly increased.
  4. Ah yes, this is just a typical case of "Capacity Overdraft", which occurs when you continue to mod without sufficient capacity. Keep in mind that this overdraft is a loan from your financial institute and will incur interest based on the amount of capacity loaned, which will be owed at the end of your billing cycle.
  5. Just noticed this issue and came to post my own thread about it - found I wasn't alone. The UI is incredibly delayed and buggy when navigating this section of the menus. The biggest issue is that there are no stats and the UI is off-centered. EDIT; I've now encountered a lovely screen that encapsulates how difficult it is for the UI to function in this specific part of the menu... may I present to you... what is currently blinding me (unedited direct screen cap) - my game continues to crash when playing around in these menus:
  6. Real quick suggestion to smooth out Baruuk's gameplay. Currently, Baruuk's [1], [2], and [3] are full-body animations when activated - causing Baruuk to stop moving and perform an animation. However, activating and channeling his exalted weapon [4] is surprisingly the only ability that doesn't interrupt movement. Similarly, deactivating [1] Elude is only upper-body. Activating these should be changed to upper-body activation to prevent the clunky feeling that accompanies the cast, since you can freely cast these abilities while traveling through the air or during a slide anyways.
  7. I have seen this idea repeated in many different forum threads and have agreed with it each time. Triage is a completely useless passive and you will never notice the increase in speed or distance. However, it would need to meet some specific requirements: I really enjoyed the concept and theme of Wukong's "Five Levels of Immortality" passive (granting him invulnerability and a random buff three times in a mission if he would receive fatal damage); It would be nice to see a similar passive given to Trinity: > Three seems like a good number - maintain three instant revives per mission (used before the instant revives from Mending Soul). > An incredibly minor buff would be nice, but I believe the instant revive is enough. Unlike the Vazarin school's Mending Soul node, the instant revives should NOT be usable on Trinity herself - only allies. Additionally, the instant revives from Triage (Trinity's passive) should only affect warframes, not companions or other non-Tenno allies. Not a bad idea, though, I don't believe the 5-second cool-down is required - we need to move away from not being able to recast active duration abilities. Why exactly is it not affected by duration mods? The more I see this suggestion the more I agree with it.
  8. Fully support the conversion of the mod from PVP to PVE.
  9. There is objectively nothing wrong with Saryn's abilities. The synergy between each of her abilities is what other frames should hope to achieve. What IS wrong with Saryn (in my opinion) is that she can do it all... she has huge area of effect damage spread while also having the same stats as a tank. Saryn is capable of massive damage output, but doesn't suffer the stereotype of "glass cannon" like our other damage frames. Compare if you will the stats for Volt, Ember, and Saryn: Volt Ember Saryn Comparing the base stats of these frames are hilarious the differences between them all. If you're proposing a nerf for Saryn, then leave her abilities alone - they are fine. Focus on reducing her base stats, specifically armour. Otherwise you will have Ember 2.0 all over again.
  10. Why only Energizing Dash? It wouldn't make sense to do just the one. If there was an update to the focus schools it would have to be made to all of them - making each of the nodes unbindable. I suppose the argument could be made that your pool would balance out the strength of your operator (since you would have to vastly increase your pool to benefit from all of the nodes). Furthermore, it would give veteran players more reason to specialize into the other schools.
  11. Fully support Atlas receiving a revisit. I was happy to see that they had increased his base energy, but from my experience playing him it feels like that is where the feeling of being "clunky" comes from - it really felt like I never had enough energy to play him properly. I feel like it would have been easy for them to break the chain of abilities costing the same for each frame (i,e; [1] costs 25 energy, [2] costs 50 energy, [3] costs 75 energy, [4] costs 100 energy) and instead make the cost relative to what the abilities do; Atlas could easily have benefited from his abilities costing [1] Landslide costs 25 energy, [2] Tectonics costs 25 energy, [3] Petrify costs 25 energy, [4] Rumblers costs 50 energy.
  12. I imagine it would be very difficult to make the final compromise in stats when finalizing a frame for release. No matter how much internal testing DE managed to do, the number-crunching meta-machines are likely going to attempt to abuse the mechanics in one way or another. To compensate for an ability being over-powered on release, I think it would be a wise choice to start low and scale up - rather than start high and scale down; however, I doubt this is even the case. It is more likely that testing concluded the numbers to be satisfactory and the frame was released - it is only coincidence that these new frames aren't as ruthlessly strong ("over-powered") as older frames (which cannot be tweaked or balanced out of fear of community back-lash...) Some frames have much higher difficulty curves, and depending on the style of game-play that you enjoy you lean closer to that corresponding style of frame. If you consistently play mindless missions you're more likely to see frames that don't require a lot of attention to play. However, frames like Baruuk or Garuda require focus and a strict game-play loop, yet, this does not make them bad frames, it makes them unique or niche. The purpose of developing your own palette is so that you can discover what you like and dislike; if you dislike complex frames such as Baruuk - it's likely that you're going to want to play a frame with an easier loop. Not everything is for everybody - warframes are individuals; they are vastly different from one another and are therefor going to attract different audiences. I like to think the beauty of having a growing roster of frames is that there is something for everyone. I fully agree that previous frames should be assessed and modernized when they become outdated. With all the new content being added to the game, it has become very clear how redundant or irrelevant specific abilities/weapons/etc have turned out to be. I support the idea of revisiting and touching up frames that need it - it should be a priority in many cases.
  13. Fully support - the more build diversity the better.
  14. I do agree that the mastery rank system should be utilized more frequently to balance out content.
  15. I personally use this combination frequently, as I do not use Zenurik; I find that it works quite nicely. I believe the combo can further be made more reliable by using the Sweeper with punch-through mods, as it quickly scales up how many enemies Dethcube has hit; since Dethcube simply has to participate in the kill things like multishot, fire-rate, and punch-through are the best to mod for.
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