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  1. I completely agree; Oberon is in a good place with his abilities and theme. Most of these suggestions are simply quality of life, and should not be considered "buffs". It feels like a bug the way Oberon's Renewal currently works - in fact, you will see quite a few threads being reported under the "bug" tag for how Renewal functions when nullified/dispelled/lost by falling off the map. It should follow Oberon like an aura and allies should be able to regain the buff if lost by entering the area around the Oberon. The game is just too mobility focused to have stationary abilities - I was surprised when they announced Wisp's Mote ability as it had seemed like they were trying to move away from static abilities.
  2. While it is true that Smite adds a portion of the original targets health to the orbs, OP's comment about the ability being underwhelming is far from wrong. You really have to look at the numbers to even understand why the ability is underwhelming: Keeping in mind that the additional damage from health and/or shield conversion does not scale with power strength and remains consistently 35% at max rank we can start to look at some numbers: A level 80 Corrupted Bombard has 26,292 health - 35% of that is 9,202 Keeping in mind that the additional damage is spread across each of the orbs (6), each orb is then only doing 150+1,533 damage (at max rank - no mods). Things start to fall apart more when we add additional power strength, since power strength increases the amount of orbs that are spawned - However, DOES NOT INCREASE THE DAMAGE CONVERSION! Let's keep it simple and say that your Oberon has 200% power strength: Smite now spawns 12 orbs at max level. Each orb is dealing a base 300 damage. Using the same scenario above with the level 80 Corrupted Bombard: A level 80 Corrupted Bombard has 26,292 health - 35% of that is 9,202 Keeping in mind that the additional damage is spread across each of the orbs (12), each orb is then only doing 300+766 damage (at max rank - 200% power strength). Considering that weapons can deal tens-of-thousands of points of damage in the matter of seconds - yes, this ability is incredibly underwhelming, just as the OP has suggested. For this reason, in my own personal opinion, this ability should NOT be focused around causing damage, but instead should be changed to have some unique interactions with Oberon's other abilities while providing crowd-control with Radiation and Impact procs.
  3. Not to be pedantic, but I had made the statement as "one of the most frustrating", not "the most frustrating". However, I return to the argument that I have made several times that the energy drain should be changed; Having a "drain-over-time" and an additional "drain-per-ally" seems harsh. If the ability was changed to simply be energy/s while channeled and not have any additional energy drained per ally, this would prevent Nekros's Shadows from being such a devastation to Oberon's energy pool - even if the balance change requires Renewal to cost more per second base.
  4. This has to be one of the most frustrating aspects of playing Oberon and using Renewal. Allies falling off the map or being nullified CANNOT return to the point of origin and pick the buff back up. Despite the circle of Renewal remaining until it becomes nullified or deactivated. I have long advocated for changes to Renewal, there are many issues with the ability, as highlighted in one of my threads: The initial changes that must take place are: Change Renewal to function as an aura that centers on Oberon himself, rather than a radial field that remains at the point of activation. Give a better/more obvious visual cue to both Renewal and Phoenix Renewal. Allow allies to regain the buff from the same instance after having the buff removed/lost. Adjust the energy drain to be more realistic: Increase the base drain of the ability, but remove any further drain applied from each ally below maximum health ~OR~ Remove the base drain, but maintain the energy drain from each ally below maximum health.
  5. I think my issue with the Octavia's "songs" is that they are just too short - if it wasn't just a 20 second loop and you could extend the song to be upwards of three to five minutes you could successfully create something that wasn't so repetitive and boring. Playing Octavia for an extended period of time ended with me simply muting the music volume in-game; which seems counter productive considering you are meant to listen to the rhythm of the song to gain her buffs. I like the idea of having multiple songs - almost as if she could bring a "playlist" into a mission, consisting of various songs you have created - that would at least bring in a range of new sounds and change things up. I disagree completely, that would be a very poor decision. If any changes like this are going to be implemented they should be done through the mandacord itself. Augments should exist solely for introducing new mechanics to an ability or changing the way it works - NOT for features that do not impact the core elements of the ability.
  6. It is noble to offer your suggestions to help other frames, and you're right - if it makes more sense, these abilities should be scavenged to help other frames. However, I don't think you should give up on your dream - you have a concept and you should continue to flesh it out; I would like to see how far you can get with it.
  7. I like the idea of the sword being pulled out of a puddle, and following through with that, I believe your third option for the deactivation makes the most sense; re-submerging the sword into the puddle with some AoE effect.
  8. You've mentioned that you want her to be similar in appearance to Excalibur and similar features with the waves coming off the weapons. I think, from a thematic perpective, the name Vivien (as in the Lady of the Lake, from Arthurian legend) suits your character very well. Since in the legend, it is the Lady of the Lake who guards Excalibur itself - it would tie the characters together very nicely.
  9. Honestly, repeat rewards should be converted to the 50x Intermission II creds, that's a perfectly reasonable solution.
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