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  1. It is that simple to fix. But i still dont like that its even a slider.
  2. ...If its that easy i feel slightly ashamed. But i still dont like it. >.>
  3. I get home...i get on warframe...And i'm struck by this. I'm outright enraged... I WANT MY CLEAN PAINT BACK DE I did NOT have a fight with the Stalker in my dang orbiter! I LIKED IT BEING MAINTAINED!
  4. It tells me how long they've been working on this. And instead of dropping things piecemeal they intended to drop each thing as it hit completion. It was a ballsy development schedule but its gonna happen it looks like!
  5. Keeping this on topic and about warframe. Source 2 has been confirmed. Which makes me wonder: Is there an Evolution 2 coming?
  6. Thats what really gets your mind cooking. He talked about EVERYTHING. I believed for the longest time that Empyrean was infact The New War. Everything seemed to blend together properly. Either way. Peculiar things from DE. #LotusLovesRaspberry
  7. It just makes no sense for that appearance to occur and that advertising for Empyrean to happen if its 3-4 months down the line. Thats what i keep coming back to.
  8. Or are they going to actually do it? I mean... has DE been playing coy the entire time? Is this thing ready to rock and they're getting things started? I've seen stranger things happen. I get the skepticism but i'm going to point out once again that the official Warframe twitter posted the video specifying the lotus cameo. That has purpose behind it.
  9. That's a fair stance to take. But i point this out There hasn't been any talk about railjack at all in any way. But now THIS drops out of nowhere. This is how you kickstart an ad campaign tbh. We'll have to wait and see.
  10. The way this gets promoted makes me think that this is gonna drop before the end of the year. Do we have a dev stream tomorrow?
  11. Extra Credits dropped a video on the history of space flight, Rebb Ford crashes the party. That appearance would suggest something is about to go live... Not in the 'Coming Soon' pile... I almost thought it dropped too early, but then the Warframe twitter promoted it. (also Lotus Loves Raspberry, Remember this for next tennocon.)
  12. Yeah. To whoever wrote that red text at the 1 minute mark. That includes you too. ESPECIALLY YOU.
  13. That is not the game accepted pug procedure unfortunately. And this is what the vast majortiy of pug tenno demand of others. I got yelled at in a mission because i tried to not engage. The entire team demanded i take the death.
  14. Yep. SOP in pugs is to take the death and make them stronger if yours shows up. Its stupid when you can complete the mission even with him in it.
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