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  1. garuda still useless and pointless, still have to charge her skills, that shield still looks like the volt shield and doesnt fit to the frame ( awful to use by the way ), Garuda was the most expensive 3 day booster pack of my life, sorry devs this time you missed the point on tweeking garuda, her mechanics are way to clanky to use. AND her claws are stupid weak, small range low damage basicly meeeeh. And why her mechanics are so clanky? it is not fast enougth to do exterminations properly, its bad to defend objectives ( defenses, mobile defenses, hostages they always die ) the ONLY kind of missions that garuda barely work are : interception and survival, and still not fun due the clanky mechanic of charging every single damage skill... Maybe someday when garuda recieve some sindicate mods it improve a bit, so far it is useless for me, its just one more support frame that we do not need, oberon do better, trinity do far way better. PLease boys change her mechanics, it is pain to use gg wp
  2. Well, that Zamarui Gara skin correction was a downgrade the shinny version was lot more cool... please return the glow and place the same glow on normal version gara skin and helmets, so maybe it wont lok like a silicon carrpet anymore.
  3. Guys, thank you for hearing our feedbacks about the new mods not functioning, and specially for nerfing tek gravity , that would be a true nightmare inside matches of people pulling the enemies everywhere, for reals thank you very much.
  4. Well devs there are still some problems... -MECHA EMPOWERED AURA: not work properly on garuda, you mark people with your 4th skill and it do not amplify any damage at all, besides the fact its not very clear how the mod actualy works... any mark will do? any persistent skill will trigger it? like saryn spores or nova 4th ability or maybe nyx confusion... as i said the mod description and his effect still confusing -TEK GRAVITY: not working at all, you may slam with any existent instance or any melee weapon ( including exalted ones ) and it wont trigger the mod ability... shame on you devs shame on you XD . About Garuda: Well, her gameplay is still too much clunky, you require to charge 4th skill then charge 1st skill, too much time charging even using natural talent, to be honest that shield on 1st skill is awfull, why not just a glow covering her whole body then after she acumulate a certain amount of damage it just automaticly or maybe triggered by the player explode into a sphere area around garuda would make much more sense ( variating according the % power mods you place on the frame)... 4th skill is basicly the same case of ember, you cast, it makes everyone bleed but kills nothing above lvl 30... and when it does takes a lot of time to do it. The point is, at least me , i was expecting a damage frame not a support one, and at garuda current state she is a marvelous support frame, wich heals the party better then trinity and amplify damge by aplying the 4th ability, hated it sorry. if there is still room for changing her skills please do, its really unconfortable to charge her skills all the time... make her a frame with more instant damage, and please remove that volt shield from her face, that shield really looks awful, just display diferently that she is acumulating damage please. About Orb Vallis and Fortuna: That took out my words... i enjoyed every single aspect of the new maps, every mission, the improvements on minning, fishing, flying, o my god flying board ^-^, the floof hunt, the only thing that made me sad is the huge lag that follows all this fantastic content... plus i have to let streams opend in order to grab the ambulas noggle wich never comes, it is always ALWAYS credits and gran finally.... JUST GIVE ME MY AMBULAS PLEASE! BEGGING ON MY KNEES! Probably that garuda 4th skill change before release, that skill would make more sense to the frame, after all it was designed thinking on the usage of that skill, but this released version requires changes, seriously. Not saying its impossible to deal lots of damage with her, it is, just take so much time to do it that you get bored and switch into something else. That charging mechanic would suit very well the 1st skill from valkyr, to pull all the enemies visible on the screen toward her ( including allies ) would be hell of fun. As always my dear devs, thank you very much for all your huge efforts to provide us this great content, we all see your efforts and hearts on it. Wish you all best, GG WP.
  5. Dear Devs, After last hotfix mesa is no longer capable of dodge roll when 4th ability is active while using mesa waltz, IT IS A HUGE NERF THAT MESA DO NOT NEED, and since i didnt seen it on the hotfix changes i assume its a bug ( im praying for it to be a bug , please be a bug please be a bug ...) please my friends fix it, mesa really need that dodge roll. Thank you for your time and pacience boys, you did a fantastic job at fortuna, im just stunished with so many things to do and the beaty of everything on it. Now please take a little rest ( after fixing mesa ult XD ) gg wp.
  6. yay finally ill be able to use my judicial coils ^-^thanks
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