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  1. i just closed 4 fractures in friends only by myself and it did not give me the bonus. is this a bug ?
  2. Just a thought DE maybe you guys can let the veterans keep 1 of the highest rank of each of there arcanes/mods and either replace our current rivens with veiled ones or at least allow you to bring maybe 5 with you from pc. The veteran players are needed to help the new ones getting through content and taking away some of our ability to do so really makes it undesirable .
  3. So now no plat no arcanes no rivens no acolyte mods. Why bother moving anything now I have every frame with no plat to reforma all the empty riven slots you have left me with to forma for a new mod or to fix all frames that need to be reforma'd since I don't have the arcanes that use to compensate for certain mods. You where better off not migrating anything since that's pretty much what you did gg DE
  4. how come none of my plat moved over. did anyone else have this issue all my plat is from in game trades only
  5. They should of just moved all items you have on PC but not the progression in game I wouldn't of minded playing through game again and not worrying about rivens or plat
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