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  1. What is the future of tennogen on console? Why are we not getting all the pc items like in the past? Is there a problem with the switch? This radio silence is not good DE please, we would like to know why this is happening and if this will always happen on console for the tennonogen program @[DE]Danielle @[DE]Taylor
  2. @[DE]Danielle When there will be a fix for the controller issues? Right now the game is unplayable, and the only solution (double button switch) is clunky and ruins the game, I beg you, please don't sleep on this
  3. Will there be a fix for the controller issues with this???
  4. With the new update a lot of issues with the triggers (r2/l2) have arrived, you need to press down the trigger complitely to start shooting or aiming and sometimes it doesn't work at all (on weapons with auto trigger is most noticeble) Are there any fixes coming soon?
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