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  1. Prowombat Wait whats the "coming mainline" how do I get a free legendary core. Kerberos-3 is right, it'll be the next mainline due to changes they are giving a bunch of things, but the legendary core is an extremely rare thing to get
  2. Good to know thank you, had planned to burn it, if i needed to. thank you
  3. If i heard right on the last dev stream, the coming mainline would include a legendary core, for those who sign in within i think a few days to a week from it. I currently have a legendary core, is it possible to have two legendary cores? I've had three since i started playing, but never two together, so not sure if it's possible
  4. Heads up sortie is bugged, did all three and got nothing, putting in a ticket now, but letting everyone else know
  5. I was hoping to get more kuva, through the nightwave, Since it's been gone for a couple weeks. kind of disappointed, Oh well, guess i'll just tank up on nitain. the kuva was better value, since i almost never use nitain
  6. yeah, once i set up my heavy weapon, i just never changed it, I have run the Imrerator Vandal ever since i got it, which was long before the heavy weapons slot. i have a bad habit of forgetting things like that
  7. I'm an idiot, I assumed the archwing and heavy gun were the same, Been a while since i setup a heavy gun (always Imperator Vandal for me). sorry guys and thanks for the help
  8. I just finished my Larkspur, added the blue tato+ gravimag, but can't deploy. Not tried in archwing missions as of yet, but have it as my chosen weapon. Does it meed to be maxxed out to deploy outside of archwing missions? And if so, why doesn't the wiki specify it? that should ne a needed piece of info. When i try to deploy, i get my Imperator Vandal, which is my go to for arch guns, but it's not currently selected. Not sure if this is a bug, ir if maxxed rank is needed for the Larkspur. Edit: Just tested in a archwing mission, worked fine, i guess it needs maxxed to deploy anywhere else, wish the wiki had of mentioned it. Waste of a question, sorry guys
  9. nice to see the changes, yay for neck prime, But wish you guys could up the chances for harrow in defections, been trying for 3 months and can't get the RGN Gods to notice me
  10. I only see one, but it's also resetting, One time (reset three times in the Lua crossfire) i got it to 60 kills, by constantly checking it, most reset before 50 though. hope this gets fixed, i got two main nightwaves this week, (10 nitemares and 5 plains missions) and assume those will reset as well if i try them
  11. Update is good, especially after the hotfixes, I got all pieces for Gauss and his weapons in under 36 hours, so RNG and 10% chance were in my favor. I just wish harrow was a little easier to get, been working on that thing for 3 months off and on, That 3% chance sucks out loud
  12. The volitle containers in the void have changed, not sure if intended ot not. the old ones the volitle were red in the slot, now they are white but dirtier in appearance. not sure of intended or not, just reporting. Can't show pics because they are screenshots and i can't access it through your setup, sorry. If you message me (DE) i can send them directly to you
  13. I did some AFKing, but only in Solo games, never with pub groups. The change is good and rewards those willing to play
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