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  1. I only see one, but it's also resetting, One time (reset three times in the Lua crossfire) i got it to 60 kills, by constantly checking it, most reset before 50 though. hope this gets fixed, i got two main nightwaves this week, (10 nitemares and 5 plains missions) and assume those will reset as well if i try them
  2. Update is good, especially after the hotfixes, I got all pieces for Gauss and his weapons in under 36 hours, so RNG and 10% chance were in my favor. I just wish harrow was a little easier to get, been working on that thing for 3 months off and on, That 3% chance sucks out loud
  3. The volitle containers in the void have changed, not sure if intended ot not. the old ones the volitle were red in the slot, now they are white but dirtier in appearance. not sure of intended or not, just reporting. Can't show pics because they are screenshots and i can't access it through your setup, sorry. If you message me (DE) i can send them directly to you
  4. This happened last week, fortunately i had a moa needing a guild as well (it worked thankfully). It was a plague kirpath with the plague based one handed handle, basically a kirpath rapier.I already had a kirpath staff, so not sure if already having one blocked it from nightwave. I believe it's a bug, sorry did not get any screenshots
  5. Tried to guild a zaw last night (catching up on older nightwave tasks) and it didn't register,it was a plague kirpath and plague one handed handle. I already had a plague kirpath pole arm setup, Is it that i had already did a kirpath that it didn't register? Or are Zaws not included as modular in the nightwave tasks? Good thing moas are, had one to guild as well it worked
  6. I did some AFKing, but only in Solo games, never with pub groups. The change is good and rewards those willing to play
  7. With all due respect, if you want solid team, get friends. Pubs are a royal B, when tasks are on the PoE or orb vallis
  8. I appreciate the advice guys, but even though for some reason it wasn't showing, i'd get a Code because i looked in the market, just pull up the codes and it'll tell you how many you have, so i was getting them, they for some reason were not showing For whoever asked, i was doing capture and marking the beginning. When mission was finished, usually 45 seconds to a minute, i'd go back and start searching for the kavats. Did eventually get the 3 i needed and i did need them as the one i was making turned out to be another adarza. the next one was a smeeta i needed. once again thanks for the advice. My first post, was more for bringing the issue to DE's attention and maybe making a special alert (they had them between nightwaves), or a buyable offering for creds. Still think it's a good idea as it is the second hardest thing to get in the game (Nitain is the worst). BTW with a mele you can kill then scan the kavats, if you are quick enough. That way they don't run away, they can detect being scanned and make it tough if you run even a stealth frame
  9. Trying to find kavat DNA, from derilict's, In 45 minutes today, half the missions, I see and scan the kavats and 0 samples given. i already have an adarza and want a smeeta to do with it. making a second, but unfortunately it looks like an adarza. Had 17 samples before starting the incubation, now have 7 left, so no second chance with my luck at the moment. Any chance for a special alert for kavat DNA? or even a nightwave credit option? This is as bad as nitain was for attaining, hoping you might can help DE
  10. EP or the Dax, both were very good
  11. Wasn't complaining about free stuff, just saying there was no way to advance beyond level 15,. I agree with you, they could easily have just not had it. But if engagement is what they want, capping the level is not the thing to do.
  12. yeah had 6k before completing the last task myself, that was the first thing i noticed
  13. i understand that, but if they want engagement, this issue doesn't endorse any
  14. Just curious, Why did you stop the standing at level 15? Maxed level 10K standing, with new objectives and already spent the creds i already got. I honestly expected it to end this week, especially since when i finished the last task (all caught up to this weeks) my actual standing is stuck at 10K on level 15 too bad no advancement past level 15
  15. Did they need an orientation to know where the exits are? That is a real confusing tileset sometimes🤣
  16. I got a question for you guys, Some sortie missions force you into one weapon (Primary, secondary or mele). How will Wukongs #1 deal with this? Will they both have the same weapon? Or does one go without? Thought about this about 20 minutes ago
  17. On the QoL adjustments, Thank you so much. I never messed with the arcanes, in cetus due to the build and gather aspect. Bait and illuminators being bought instead of made, I love that as well, If i want to fish i don't want to wait 5 minutes for illuminator or bait, thank you so much for the changes
  18. Or an option, to pick the mission for pubs, almost like they intended to force clan, friend or solo mission without even a pub option huh? They could easily put an option in Ruud Zuud's options, like the Profittakers back room thing
  19. That has been my problem, with the exploiter fight. Even if i do find a group to go with (pub group) we get separated upon loading. currently the only way to do the exploiter orb is go in as a group or do it solo. Thank you @FlyingDice for pointing this out
  20. They changed the alert now it's the nightwave, you basically just do any mission and collect standing (yup more standing) for the prizes you need. there is also a new currency specific to this aspect (not buyable, only grindable) to get things like orokin cells/reactors, nitain or even some cool fashion. Open your alerts, or just tap the esc key lower right is the nightwave mission goals
  21. I wish there was a choose option, for the exploiter orb. as it sits, you either go in with friends (i have few and play odd hours to my clanmates) or Pray to RNG, for a team that wants to. The Profittaker Orb has a place you can choose to play it's mission, why doesn't the Exploiter Orb have the same option? I can't do the fight solo and hate feeling like a beggar, just to get players to do it
  22. Ok so the hotfix, to fix the already present bugs, created another bug? Ok, good to know thanks. Since i can't solo the exploiter, i guess i'm stuck till they fix it. All i need is the neuroptics for the set. then need to get vox solaris up to get the actual BP. So pretty much nothing to do, till sortie or it gets fixed. If it's kicking me on the orb fight, it'll kick me on every other fight, so why bother
  23. I have noticed a problem, with the Exploiter orb fight. Unless you are very, very lucky, you can't even get a Pub fight. There is no option to choose the fight, so all you can do is go in and hope, you get teamed up with willing participants. I have few friends and i play on off hours to my clan mates, so pubs is where i get most of my work in game done. without a specific option, like the profit taker orb, i'm pretty much at the mercy of RNG. this is no way to treat a major fight with a warframe BB at stake. it's already RNG, if you get the right BP. Now it's RNG, if you even get to fight the thing. BTW i keep getting kicked, during the loading screen. All i have done, is ask if anyone's doing the exploiter fight. Instant kick, even when the team is willing. I don't know what's going on, i got good ping, so this shouldn't be happening
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