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  1. I'm in Europe (London, UK), just tried to get a game of conclave in. Sat in there for 10 minutes and didn't get a single person join. The game mode is completely dead
  2. I get it, but it just makes universal medallions kinda pointless for most "end game" players that have reached max standing with everything but conclave.
  3. Really, only 8 mods, I had no idea.. dang.. I am reporting this as it is a bug and shouldn't be happening, regardless of if there is a fix for it.
  4. >Made alt-tab to Borderless Warframe re-acquire the mouse immediately (like Fullscreen). Can we get a toggle for this, personally I do not like it.
  5. Anisotropic filtering is basically free in terms of gpu processing power, why limit it to 8x? It doesn't really make sense to remove an option to "save people from themselves"..
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