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  1. >Made alt-tab to Borderless Warframe re-acquire the mouse immediately (like Fullscreen). Can we get a toggle for this, personally I do not like it.
  2. Title probably made no sense. Video shows what I mean though, believed to be caused by the scimitar air support airstrike or the fulmin. https://youtu.be/O2_WmMsXIyo
  3. Same, rip my kogake + mr
  4. Anisotropic filtering is basically free in terms of gpu processing power, why limit it to 8x? It doesn't really make sense to remove an option to "save people from themselves"..
  5. Ki teer sekhara is now bugged, the right shoulder now appears on the floor for every shoulder armor I've tested.
  6. So, right off the bat.. if the accessories packs are $20 each, that's too much. Of course they might not be, if so disregard that...
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