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  1. The tip to make enemies OP, just put a class that remove abilities or revive enemies, on TD2 we have a dude that, revive enemies, warframe need more elite unique enemies, not nerfing our stuff, ur guys also need stop ask for nerfing enemies. U want a good example how the enemies make S#&$, Leech energy eximus guy.
  2. I think u guy can kill Emissary on Derelict mission, just buy the BP on market.
  3. @(PS4)f0l1v31r4 I think a lot ppl have this issue, cuz NET have lot consumers on my country, i dont know what side is indeed broken, but chat on my pc works. So i think this is an issue on DE or Sony.
  4. welcome to family fam, i got 1 month with this issue.
  5. @(PS4)xxCentauri what exactly u did?
  6. are u Brazilian, if u got NET/CLARO internet DE said its an issue on ISP side.
  7. Eu tenho mesmo erro, e acho que isso ai ou e deles, ou da Sony, pq o chat do pc ta normal, nessa ultima atualizaçao o jogo tava com problemas que os links de itens nao estavam funcionando, tenho quase certeza que isso e erro da DE e nao da NET, se fosse erro da net tbm teria dado no PC;
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