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  1. warframe pvp i like idea but conclave is bullS#&$ 🙂 soo yes it is possible , pvp in wf few examples pvp smth like conclave but only with operators and something like that pvp gamemodes but it will be never good with warframes and tier skills
  2. Well then why do u write bullS#&$ like nyx is best wf in game
  3. Wf suck at things like this ,look lotus they just added fillter and voila . Tons of stuf need a refresh and ya if you end 100 missions and ordis says x times 5 lines it feels like dead game
  4. Wow u need to think for 3 missions and what ur repeating them? Well hf
  5. Nyx is a bit stupid in my opinion Look There are wfs what can aoe strip armor and cc or dmg enemies in one move Vauban bastile Ember 3 Nyx is just great idea but it does not work at all 1 just usseles if you compare it to revenant its S#&$ 2 as i said its another S#&$ 3 is preety 4 is weird
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