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  1. Vaults already have keys behind them though. A 2-key gateway to run for corrupted mods is obnoxious. The fact that your are either organizing a group of people, each with their own key, or burdening yourself with all 4 keys is enough of a hassle. Needing to worry about another key just to run the mission is a bit too much. Also, if I remember right, I think the Vault keys require void traces to build. Void traces are a valuable resource for relic enhancing, meaning that there's a trade-off. Do I save these traces to enhance a relic, or do I spend them in crafting a vault key?
  2. Your thread was actually one of the reasons I decided to make this thread. I understand why DE doesnt want to reduce hema costs, but they've seriously gotta help us out somehow. Heck, make mutagen bundles a reward in nightwave and/or an option to spend creds on them
  3. Heck, I'd be fine with even this. As others have said, building keys is not hard, just a nuisance if anything. We even got rid of Void keys and can travel there whenever we want in there
  4. I don't think I ever saw this issue brought up, and I honestly don't know why. The Hema situation has been going on for a while, and the main response is "It's raining in the Derelict." Why am I forced to go into recruiting chat and wait to find people that want to farm with me though? Why do I have to constantly build no keys to enter a single mission? Why can't I just select ODD, quickly get partied up with 3 other people, and farm to our hearts content? That alone would make the mutagen farm more bearable, especially since loot frames were nerfed. DE, if you want to help the grind for the Hema to become a bit easier without throwing out the work that people have already put into it, just allow me to quickly find a public group in the derelict. No keys, no recruiting chat, just select the mission and go.
  5. Been seeing so many Wisp Tennogen skins in progress. RIP my wallet
  6. You can also slap an Aero set mod on and keep it stunlocked. I keep Aero Vantage on my wisp, allowing me to keep it completely stunned while my allies wail on the demolyst
  7. I'm kinda with you, Disruption is an incredibly fun gamemode. DE should try to make variants of it for other tiles and factions with a variety of rewards
  8. You forgot the guys that die, say "a little help here...?" While you're trying to find and gather rivive tokens, but they get upset and leave
  9. I think that's just the nature of how blinds work. Enemies can still hear and will attack according to where gunfire came from (I believe that's how it works at least, similar to shooting while invisible). Armor mitigation is a b****
  10. Ah okay, so you just don't like the charge-based/ability wheel systems in general. I can understand that much. Wanna talk about useless charge systems? Tailwind's Hover enrages me... Anyways, I doubt that DE will change Reservoir that drastically, putting all 3 motes into a single cast of Reservoir instead of individual cycled buffs, so I am going to have to stand by my mock-up concept
  11. So if I'm understanding this right, by "unnecessary ability wheel" you think Wisp should cast just one reservoir that grants all 3 buffs? My idea for being able to cast all 3 reservoirs at once does nothing at all to the current implementation of the skill. It simply adds a quicker way to get all 3 buffs at once, if the player desires it. It does not slow down anything, the player would still be able to cast a single reservoir at the exact same speed they can right now in game.
  12. Never said how fast or slow it should be 😕 . I would say no more than 1.5 - 2 seconds to be able to place all 3 reservoirs. That's definitely be quicker than placing all 3 individually.
  13. I've seen a few requests to be able to place 3 Reservoirs at once. I would also like to have a less cumbersome way to do this as well, so I created a quick (probably not the best) mockup example of how it could be done Holding 1 beyond the initial cast will bring up a charge meter. All 3 reservoir types will be visible, but the selected mote will already be filled once you've gotten to this point so that it doesn't punish the player for holding the button down longer than needed. The remaining motes will fill up in order that they are cycled through. The player can release at any time, even releasing only 2 motes if they desire. Once charged, Wisp will place the Reservoir around her, draining the appropriate energy for each one. Aside from that, I really only think Sol Gate could use some buffs and a visual nerf. Otherwise she's perfect 🙂
  14. DE even said that this is how it is supposed to be. Wisps movement animations are unique to her alone
  15. Could Sol Gate's visuals be toned down just a tad? It's extremely blinding. Even with black and the darkest purple on Twilight palette, the purple stands out very easily. Anything brighter is just unbearable
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