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  1. This is intentional. I'm personally not sure how strong some abilities could be if affected by the timer freeze, but it does feel weird having only 1 ability that doesn't have the timer frozen aside from Vast Untime itself
  2. I made an attempt at a video to go over some ideas I had along with my response to the upcoming changes 1. I worry that Xaku's kit is getting cluttered up 2. Void status HAS to be reworked (it literally drops your damage due to no headshots) 3. Grasp of Lohk needs more range. it feels like a melee skill, and Xaku doesn't want to be in melee range 4. Despite being on the same ability button, The Lost has NO cohesion whatsoever between the 3 abilities. 5. I feel like The Vast Untime has potential to be really good and cool, but certain parts just aren't hooked up the
  3. As pretty much everyone is saying, the low stats are really bringing him down. Low damage, low range, low duration... 1: Xata's Whisper doesn't feel like I'm getting much of a damage increase, and part of it's likely due to the damage type. I'm tempted to replace this with augmented shock or smite just for a better damage type. Also, Void procs prevent headshots (or makes them MUCH harder to land), which does reduce overall damage 2: Grasp of Lohk has nothing going for it. This forces Xaku into melee range despite being pretty squishy, so that he can shoot some weak gun
  4. My girlfriend, SilentSnowdust, was with me the entire time, in the same relay. I got everything, but she only got the Necramech noggle and the staff skin, no hydroid and no athodai. She's really upset about it and I keep reassuring her that she'll get them...but now I'm not so sure that she will
  5. Or, you know, maybe just get rid of stat sticks altogether? I don't mean that come come off as rude, but that was the whole reason exalted weapons became moddable separately, isn't it? Except that you left out abilities such as Landslide, Whipclaw, Shattered Lash, etc, thus continuing the issue that is stat-sticks. This just seems like doubling down on the issue rather than fixing it
  6. Just my two cents...They need to get rid of the sortie modifiers. The whole point was to simply raise the enemy levels in terms of difficulty. The added modifiers will create a very strict meta, something that DE wants to avoid. They nerfed things like Catchmoon and Kuva Bramma because they were so strong that everyone was using them. This meta will result in more weapons and/or frames being nerfed due to a very high rise in usage. Remove the modifiers for now, keep enemy levels at +100, and if they want to make special challenges later down the road, they can do that.
  7. Count me in - I have completed an Arbitration Mission.
  8. Just realized another issue with the shield version Grenade Fan. Let's say you throw the grenades with the 10 second duration. If I pick up a shield grenade after 9 seconds, I only get 1 second of the shield regeneration effect. This feels really bad. Let both grenade types have a shared 10 seconds of lasting on the ground, but the shield grenade needs a separate active timer once picked up. This would solve my issues with the short duration. I get that you don't want a long duration on the shrapnel clouds, but the shield regen part suffers greatly from how it currently works
  9. Pretty sure this is the opposite of what people wanted...At the very least, give an increased duration to the shield grenade!
  10. Grenade Fan Apparently duration at max is bugged. This was one of my biggest issues. When throwing Shield grenades, have Protea automatically equip one for herself. They get snatched up very quick, between having 3 other squadmates and then all 4 companions on the squad too. This would allow one cast to supply all allies, and then one or two more for companions, if desired. Blaze Artillery As others have said, damage is too low, duration is too short. It doesn't feel like it has much of an opportunity to do much. I'm not sure what your preferred res
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