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  1. Set game to solo. Go into the plains of eidolon. AFK at the entrance once you load in. Let this sit overnight if you can, or while you're at work or school I've done this plenty of times simply to "customize" my arsenal screen when I select my warframe. I want the frames i use most to he at the top of the selection screen when i organize by most used.
  2. Idk, I was once disqualified for an end of round reward during an arbitration simply because I was talking to my squad in chat. Idk what else it would have been, I'm always active and on the move otherwise. Maybe it was just a visual bug for one round...?
  3. Welp, this pretty much solves her issues. It's still Zephyr and the kit we currently know, this rework just fixes all the holes, frustrations, and inconsistencies. Like, literally, just hand this to the programmers and let them put it into the game.
  4. This. I love skins that are mostly metallics, cause I can turn them into trophy frames!
  5. An idea for Redline; since it buffs up fire rate/reload/melee speed/holster speed, let all of those contribute towards raising the Redline "Speedometer" when active. I hate that I quickly deplete my meter simply because I stopped to shoot or melee a group. Don't punish me for playing the game plz
  6. Just dumping my overall thoughts on Gauss here MACH RUSH: For some reason, if I start the long run instead of a quick dash, when i let go of the ability and keep holding forward the ability keeps running. If I'm holding forward and let go of the ability, it's because I want to keep moving forward but at a slower, controllable pace. This happens way too often and gets on my nerves. Please fix this The damage of directly running into enemies should be higher, it feels satisfying running through a crowd at mach speed, but then you look back to realize you just tickled them onto the ground. I'm basically a giant bullet, I expect a lot more damage when running into someone at mach speed KINETIC PLATING: I rarely use this, maybe only for when reviving an ally. I'm moving around and freezing enemies with Thermal Sunder to the point that I'm not getting hit much anyways. Anyways, there's almost no energy regeneration on it. I could only notice it when in the Simulacrum and had 6 Heavy Gunners shooting at me, and even then it was just okay. THERMAL SUNDER: As others have said, the heat version has almost no use. I'd rather just freeze the enemies rather than use the pathetic damage on the double heat or blast procs. Also, the range starts off nice but immediately gets smaller...why? At that point I don't even care if the effect lingers, I only need the initial cast. As one person said before me, it's weird having a stationary skill on a mobile frame. It'd be cool if Mach rushing through a Thermal Sunder zone picked up the effect and carried it along with Gauss. REDLINE: I really don't like how higher duration makes it harder to build up to 100%, it does not feel good. Also, building the buff stats with duration is strange to me but I can live with it. The damage on the sparks is pitiful btw, they may as well not even be there.
  7. Why do Redline's buffs scale with duration instead of power strength? I completely built him wrong without knowing because of this. After then testing Redline with a ton of duration and neutral power strength, Redline takes WAY too long to fill up. Can we just have duration make it easier to fill the Redline gauge, while duration increases the buffs?
  8. Getting an "Update Failed" after trying to download the patch 😞 EDIT: After trying over and over, finally got in
  9. I know it's already been said, but please, just make the effect permanent rather than 24 hours, with the ability to toggle it on and off. I'd be fine with having to farm a blueprint and set of resources for each frame I want to put it on. But what about the incentive to return to the mission node? Say I've put all the time and effort into farming all of the resources to permanently apply the effect to every frame in the game. New frames are always coming out. New primes come out every year. The incentive to return is that there are always new frames coming out that we can apply Echoes of Umbra to. The 24 hour timer for something as "just okay" as warframe sentience is an incentive for me to NOT farm these resources AT ALL
  10. I'm sorry, but this is one of those augments that should have waited until a rework. Target Fixation just doesn't work due to how Tailwind works. Zephyr simply does not have enough control with Tailwind to even consider dealing damage with the ability without landing. I would actually like this "Hold to release a wave" as a base function of the frames' kits as a damage/status option within a small-medium range, while the augment is there to buff ally damage.
  11. Been seeing so many Wisp Tennogen skins in progress. RIP my wallet
  12. "Noon" simply means it's early in the day, and that there's still plenty of time for them to get the update ready, or to update us with information. If I remember correctly, they have had late update drops before, like, later than 9pm. We potentially have all day to wait for the update, but I'd expect to get an update from Reb no later than 6pm
  13. It's not even noon for DE yet. Yesterday we didnt hear anything until around 4:30 PM their time. Not only that, updates have come out later in the day before, around 5 or 6. If we havent heard ANYTHING by 7pm tonight then assume its tomorrow
  14. I think the thought process for a lot of people is that they almost aimed to ship friday, but didn't due to the long holiday weekend. Therefore, if they could ship friday, they could ship today and have the rest of the week to bugfix. I imagine they are either fighting some really bad bugs still, or are using today to clean it up further so that they can release on wednesday, the usual update day
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