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  1. Jesus, I knew I had an easy time with Xaku but I didn't realize you could be this lax with him. Glad someone else is also echoing Xaku rather than the typical Mesa/Saryn/Whatever
  2. As the two above me have stated, your weapon of choice may also be a big factor. I did try the Nukor, and it felt like it wasn't doing enough for me. I personally love using my Acceltra since it can be used as a spray and pray and is good for the drones and nullifiers on top of regular enemies. With a decent build it can also take care of the tankiest enemies. Quanta Vandal is another fav of mine due to its accuracy, it can get easy headshots and melt anything while doing so. For secondaries, I like my Rattleguts kitgun and for my melee, the Kronen prime. Basically, maybe try out
  3. If you want a newer tanky melee frame I would personally suggest Gauss. He has damage reduction with his 2, which can get up to 100% reduction with his 4 which gives a ton of attack speed, which increases damage output. His 1 also gets him into melee range. The options you listed are a bit contradicting to me. Mesa can deal damage and be tanky...at range. Once you start talking about melee range her damage reduction doesn't work well since it only reduces enemy bullets' damage. Banshee is known for being squishy, probably not good for melee unless you're doing a Savage Silence bui
  4. I sometimes try to aim my void dash well above my target, like really high above. That way, you'll have some time to reorient yourself and either fall down to your destination or have a better angle to aim and void dash to your target. May I also ask, how upgraded is your focus tree? Another warframe suggestion; Grendel. With some range you can just suck enemies into your belly from far away and then shotgun them out. When bosses spawn, take care of the Arbi Drone and the Nullifier, suck up the rest of the bosses, press 4 and bounce around a bit till either they die or one enemy i
  5. May I suggest a primary weapons with really good accuracy? That Nox is gonna suck with how much armor he has, and you're gonna need something a bit more accurate to hit those headshots on him. I cant say much about the Nukor, but I believe it has some AoE that might make headshots a bit harder.
  6. Did some testing, just to see which of my frames/weapons had an easier time with the test, just to give an extra option or two (I personally find Mesa/Saryn boring frames). Surprisingly, I had an easy time with Xaku! I didn't even need his armor strip to get by. Aside from him, Protea was pretty easy still. Made a couple of recordings, just so you can see how it went for me. I even tried to play as mellow as I can, not bullet jumping and dodging all over the place. I mostly did some basic movement and, for the most part, only used abilities and my primary. (I apologize for any hiccups in the v
  7. I did it with Protea with no issues at all. Keep a Dispensary up and just spam turrets in different directions. Throw different grenades around to keep your shields up and to cc enemies to stay alive. I didn't even Helminth Larva onto her. Take a decent weapon to take care of the drones and you should be good. The turrets scale so well that they can do all the aiming and shooting for you as long as you keep them active, ensnare or larva only makes it easier
  8. So far I think he needs a couple minor tweaks. Passive EDIT: With the elemental mixing, I find myself trying to mix elements so often that it becomes annoying and cumbersome. Perhaps allow the element to either stay for a few ability casts? Or to stay for a short duration? Then the player can override the element as well by choosing a new one if they have to. It got REALLY annoying during an infestation mission to go Heat, 2, Heat, 4, Heat, 3, Heat, 2.......you get the point. Mixing a single element was annoying, it gets worse when you need viral, corrosive, radiation, etc. A
  9. Mashup of a couple of my favorite games! After noticing a few similarities between characters from both games I really wanted to do a mashup for them!
  10. Know what I would like? A way to spend all 5 forma at once. The process of forma, max, forma, max, forma, max, forma, max, forma, max is incredibly annoying. If we are going to be forced to use 5 forma for max level, at least give me the option to spend more forma while maybe only having a single polarity to apply. At rank 40 we have more capacity than we can utilize anyways. The amount of rank 40 items is getting stupid anyways. I understand the Paracesis and maybe the Necramechs (since they have more mod slots) but the Kuva weapons have no reason for it. Maxing every single one o
  11. "Tales of Old Earth would tell of a reckoning, that their hubris would come back to haunt them. Beasts from the deep, rising from the depths as a divine punishment from above. Old Earth, crying and begging for her suffering to end. Her people stole from her, poisoned her. To this day, she still weeps and yet divine punishment has not been delivered. If we are indeed the divine people, then I shall deliver divine punishment with my own beast from the depths. The day of reckoning will come, and we...will fall." P.) Irradiation Kai Passively applies radiation to a nea
  12. Last thing I need to be done with Isolation Vaults, trading would save me the pain of farming more. Would really appreciate it!
  13. I am actually working on my own Kitsune themed kit, surprised to see another concept lying around lol. Luckily, my idea only shares a some resemblance. My main criticism is that visually, it might look like a Kitsune. If I had no idea what this frame was based on, it sounds like just a slight mix of Ember and Nezha. Fireball that explodes and sets enemies ablaze? Ember Fireball. Teleport to Foxfire? Heal allies? Both in Nezha Chakram. Buff ally damage? Ember 1 with augment. Fiery ring that stuns enemies? Nezha Warding Halo. Homing fireballs? Ember World on Fire. For you
  14. Then I wish you guys focused on just Zephyr, to be honest. Tailwind is still a mess. I'd MUCH rather use Gauss's Mach Rush for fast Traversal. Tailwind just feels clunky and outdated. I don't have the amount of control over it that I'd like, resulting in me hitting so much geometry or flying too far that I'm better off just not using it. And let's not forget about how bad Hover still is. Zephyr is forced to be vulnerable, on the ground, to charge it up, then sit still in the air and have limited options of escaping the Hover. Air Burst...I'll wait and see how it goes. I always saw i
  15. Personally, the main reason I would use Quiver on Wisp would only be for Spy. That said, I would rather use the ability the makes your next hack instant. Stay in the air to use Wisp's passive invisibility, along with Will-o-Wisp to keep invisibility up further and to teleport through barriers and such. Then, once you get to something that needs hacked, you could have the hack ability up and ready. With all that said, what you do is really up to you. Quiver can be used for some team support, and good for you if you struggle to stay in the air as wisp. Firewalker has some CC on it, a
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