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  1. I would like to see a small boost to the healing effect. I was a bit disappointed to see how little it heals. A 5% hp heal would be perfectly fine and actually noticeable on frames with larger health pools
  2. So far I have yet to join someone else's Railjack. I managed to have a single person join my Railjack once, grogged through a solo Railjack Scarlet Spear mission (which was obnoxious af), and haven't had anyone join me any other times so I just exited the mission
  3. Now I KNOW you aren't just gonna add Gauss Graxx to the workshop without updating us here 😉 https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2028544239&searchtext=
  4. With some recent survivability buffs with an armor increase and shield gating, I've brushed the dust off my old Banshee Prime and have enjoyed playing her again. I think there's a few areas in her kit that shows a bit of age and could be improved on without drastically changing her kit. Sonic Boom: Simply make it a one-handed cast, and allow it to deflect incoming bullets and projectiles. Banshee doesn't have many ways to avoid damage, mainly relying on her own movement. Allowing Sonic Boom to not hamper her movement alone would be a great improvement. Deflecting bullets would allow a small bit of safety while trying to push enemies off of her, but it could also allow Banshee to push away rockets, napalms, grenades, etc if she reacts quick enough. The skill has such a short window that it's active that I doubt it can be abused. Sonar: Perfect as is, no changes Silence: Enemies stunned by Silence will have their awareness reset, much like Baruuk's Lull. While within the Silence radius enemies can not alert others, or even be alerted by those outside the radius. These are minor changes, but it should result in fewer enemies shooting at Banshee and her team. It'd also help her play as a stealth frame again, as she was originally designed. Sound Quake: Banshee can now move while active, but maybe a movement speed nerf to compensate? Rather than just continually hitting everything within range, Sound Quake releases waves that stagger and apply Blast status which now lowers enemy accuracy. The augment will release several waves in a single activation. Definitely the biggest change, but the most needed one. Banshee relies too heavily on movement to stay alive, Sound Quake is just a nerf to herself and will often get herself killed by enemies just outside it's range. Sound Quake working in waves would allow some enemy retaliation to keep it from being a total lockdown, but it would continuously make it harder for the enemies to hit Banshee as well with the new Blast status.
  5. Summoner/Commander. Can Create unique units to aid the Tenno squad while giving them orders for how to fight. The Commander was designed to learn from the battles that raged during the Old War, to develop new strategies and adapt faster in combat than any Warframe or Dax Soldier. For every Commander, an army of their own making. For every army, orders to be given. The strategies used by the Commanders were unparallelled, even the other Warframes and Dax began to follow the orders from Commander Warframes.
  6. As others have said, tribute is not creating souls, thus the ability is completely useless right now I would like to see some color coding on the buffs in the UI scroll system on the bottom right as well
  7. With Railjack being a feature planned to spread throughout the whole game, can we have a look at some other issues in the existing state of the game? It's been made public that you have looked at a popular lich rework feedback and that you've commented on unrewarding drops such as 50 endo, can we also look at possibly fixing armor scaling? Magnetic status/damage being near useless compared to other better options (Magnetic reduces shields while toxic completely bypasses it)? Many augments are bandaids, useless, mandatory, or somewhere in the middle. I know it's a scary thought to focus too much on old content and potentially drop in player numbers, but the players are getting tired of systems in place that feel unrewarding, unbalanced, or unfinished.
  8. Regarding this "bonus area", are drops working properly? Not only are the "bonus parts" not dropping, I cant get anything but ammo and orbs to drop
  9. been farming for a while now and have NOT gotten a single part. Already did the quest, we've just been trying to get these parts, but to no avail. Not sure if bugged, or just really bad luck
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