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  1. I also use Pull on Xaku to suck enemies into the armor strip zone. Like With Khora, it sucks having to wait for enemies to walk into range to get the benefits. Pull is an easy way to CC a bunch of enemies, and bringing them into the Gaze defense strip just makes them easier pickings
  2. Khora with Pull+Strangledome augment. Issue was that enemies would start to stay outside the dome to shoot at enemies trapped in it, therefore not getting extra drops when they die from allies and/or stray bullets hitting you. Pull yanks them into the dome to ensure they get CC'd and that you get the extra drops
  3. I've seen some people mentioning some issues with survivability. If we were to buff this, at the most I would allow Reap to draw aggro from enemies as it flies around. Sevagoth is a pretty solid frame with some good abilities. We don't need every frames to have high health and armor values just for them to survive, but Sevagoth does have issues with a "get off of me" option, making his lower survivability show. I've actually replaced Sow with Fire Blast just to give myself some occasional breathing room, cause Gloom's slow and heal isn't always enough. Having Reap drawn some aggro I think woul
  4. To add to this, I have tried 2 rounds of hydron to level my newly bought sevagoth and had nobody join. Can only imagine it's part of the same problem
  5. Added a video to show some of the issues, as well as comparing them to what I can do with Gauss
  6. I'm not going to go over the whole rework since I'm pretty happy with it all, but the one little thing that I wish was a bit better is still Tailwind. It still has some issues with momentum, either being launched into and stuck on walls, or being cancelled too quickly. The way Tailwind works is that it gives Zephyr a huge boost in momentum. If Zephyr hits a wall during the animation all momentum is lost in order to give her more control. The downside is that she will still retain uncontrollable momentum after the animation, and still able to get stuck in walls. Alternatively,
  7. My girlfriend is, by no means, the best of gamers. When I've brought her onto my Railjack I went through the whole process of explaining where everything is and how to use it all. She still gets lost trying to find her way to the forge or the slingshot. A simplified interior removes all the excess area that she was getting lost in and will help her find what she's looking for
  8. I'm so happy to see these changes. Zephyr is the frame that got me into Warframe but became quite outdated over time. She finally got some love, and this kit honestly looks very good. Not only that, the VFX update to her skills looks gorgeous. Can't wait to get my hands on this
  9. might depend on your range. I run max range on my zephyr for Turbulence and Air Burst, but the Tornado Spawn range gets so big that they can spawn on enemies in other rooms. I promise you, if there are enough enemies within range you do not have the option of where to spawn them
  10. Currently Hover has to be used, and charged, on the ground. Update will let us activate it in the air, drain energy over time to keep it active, and it seems Zephyr can slowly move while hovering Currently Tornado only spawns on top of enemies. Update will allow us to spawn them where we please Update will give Zephyr a crit boost while in the air
  11. Not only do the visuals look beautiful on the abilities, but they changed Tornado to have a "Aim at reticle" function as well. Still need to try it out but I'm actually pretty happy! I only wish we were getting Zephyr's rework and skin with the upcoming Railjack changes
  12. I only have a couple issues with what we've been told. I've given up on them making Tailwind flight feel/perform any better. The hover sounds promising, but that'd be the only reason I don't helminth out the ability I don't care how strong or weak Divebomb is, but I wish we good get some sort of angle indicator for whether Tailewind will perform Tailwind or Divebomb. Just a nice QoL is all. Pretty much exactly what you said about Tornado. The random spawns have always been bad, and simply adding more SUCC doesn't change that. AT THE VERY LEAST guarantee that one tornado s
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