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  1. I'm honestly pretty upset about this. I totally understand titanias flight not working on zephyr since zephyr would be too big, but this...this is just perfect for zephyr. Just make Hover capable of being used in the air, and let Zephyr move up and down at will... DE, you're literally about to make a bulky, tanky frame do Zephyrs job better. Your "advertisement" for hildryn on Twitter says "Take to the skies and control the Battlefield". Zephyr primes codex says "Take to the skies with this golden bird of destruction". Thats too much overlap without actually improving poor zephyr, this is not okay guys.
  2. /s Glad that I actually know your stance on Zephyr, cause I really hate feedback like this. Turbulence is good, but it's not broken either. If something like AoE or melee does get through Turbulence, she's dead. If Zephyr's kit could actually allow her to stay in the air, away from melee enemies, Turbulence actually would be an almost broken ability. The difference is that the player needs to be skilled enough to actively avoid the ground and away from danger. It's not a "Press 3 and take no damage" like Iron Skin, player input and skill is crucial to it being that effective. Another good point. I was all for launchers being infinite when the Plains first released though, even despite still playing some Zephyr here and there, and I'm still an advocate to keep the infinite launchers. Even if Zephyr was still "good" in open worlds though, that's two whole mission nodes. There's an entire star chart, sorties, arbitrations, story quests, etc that Zephyr cannot play to her full potential. A majority of the game is not in her favor, and some people still refuse to understand that.
  3. So, it's now 2019 and the beginning of a new year. It's been almost a year since Zephyr finally got her revisit. Sadly though, her revisit was very lackluster. If anything, she was given more issues. Saying that she feels good in open world does not justify this either. We have 2 open world maps in the game, only a very small portion of the entire game. If that's the only place where she can apparently be useful, that throws out some major red flags. I think that Zephyr lacks a goal. Rather, I think the goal is there, but just not well executed. Zephyr is supposed to be the Air Support frame! She wants to be in the air! The game even describes her with "Specializing in Air attacks and mobility, Zephyr dominates from above". What do we have right now? A Zephyr that can't control her own mobility well with Tailwind, and if you want to take a strategic position in the air with hover you have to slowly charge it on the ground...and then lose mobility! Passive: Melee ground slams causes Zephyr to perform a Divebomb instead, scaling with height and melee mods, or power strength if no melee is equipped. Cancels all momentum before the ground slam so that Zephyr doesn't get caught in a really long wind up animation. Unlisted passive: Zephyr retains her low-gravity As said in another thread, Divebomb is indeed clunky. Trying to aim it is awful and often results in a tailwind along the ground instead. Tying it to a different button action (and one that's proven to be more reliable) would be a much better course of action. Tailwind: The base function is well thought out here. Gives a lot of player customization and control, doesn't force you into some horrid momentum or animation lock if you don't want it. Also, REMOVE ALL MOMENTUM WHEN GOING OUT OF BOUNDS Hover: Hold to cast while in the air. No charge up at all, just hold to cast and suddenly she's floating. Resets Zephyr's parkour actions when cast, and allows her to jump and bullet jump out of a hover. Cancels all momentum when cast. I really don't know how this new addition got borked so badly. There was so much potential in hover, but released in the worst possible state. Allow Zephyr to position herself. If she wants to dominate from above, Hover is what is going to allow for that. Combining Hover with Tailwind and parkour abilities means a good player can play her without ever touching the floor. You know, like a frame that specializes in air attacks and mobility Air Burst: Increase the travel speed. Dramatically. When enemies are hit by the projectile or explosion, they are lifted up into the air and held in place just like Exodia Epidemic. If I'm using Hover from really high up, sniping enemies, I want to be able to send an Air Burst down to either help my team with some cc, or to make it easy to pick off my targets. Having Air Burst hold targets into the air is just nicer and less sporadic that just tossing the enemies around. Better CC and I can easily tell who is still alive . Tornado: Press to cast one Tornado that stays in place. Hitting that Tornado with Air Burst will cause it to quickly suck in enemies in a larger range and then begin to travel around on its own. Holding 4 will cast all Tornadoes, and they all begin moving around on their own. Dead enemies are ejected from the Tornado. Tornadoes do NOT follow the player's aim anymore Through my own playtime, I've often found Tornadoes getting in my way and blocking both my view and my bullets when I'm shooting at enemies. If I want a Tornado in a specific spot, I want to be able to just easily and reliably place one without having to cast all tornadoes again and hope they spawn where I want, and to not have to wait for one to slowly makes its way to my aim. I really want to like Zephyr. She's still my most played frame, and the frame that even got me into Warframe as a whole. I've always wanted that high mobility, air support kind of playstyle, but after the revisit and getting my high hopes demolished I kinda just strayed away from her. I've been pretty disappointed and underwhelmed. I've even moved on to playing Garuda more than anyone else, cause she does what I feel like Zephyr should be able to. She can Hover in the air simply by charging up 1 of 2 different attacks. She can get from point A to point B very quickly, provided point B is an enemy and Garuda has a lot of range modded in. Best part is that Garuda's kit isn't filled to the brim with clunkiness, it just all works the way the player intends it to work. With Zephyr, I'm fighting Tailwind's momentum, Hover's restrictions, Air Burst's ragdolling, Tornado's randomness and obstructions. The poor girl just needs some cleaning up.
  4. Reading feedback about ths titania changes, I think you guys have only made a step in the right direction so far. Vacuum on razorwing and tethered lanterns are big changes that we've needed for a long time, but that's not enough to save Titania. Tribute just straight up needs some sort of rework. Titania is a squishy frame, having her dive into a group of enemies to pick up the soul is bad, just give her the buff once cast. Also, again, damage reflection is bad. Titania is squishy and cant make use out of it. Even if she was tanky enough to withstand a lot of damage, the reflection will only poke at the enemies, not even tickle them. Titania still needs cast times and energy looked at too. Titania with natural talent is how she should feel at base. Maybe make spellbind and tribute one handed actions? She just spends too much time standing still. Remember, this is a paper thin warframe
  5. DAMAGE REFLECTION IS BAD Even if it was 100% damage reflection, due to how enemies scale, it would still be useless. Titania is a squishy frame, taking damage is BAD for her. If it was 50% damage reduction it would be more acceptable Can we also address Titanias abysmal cast times and energy pool?
  6. Garuda has been out for about a week now and has gotten some mixed reviews. Are there any changes in store for her?
  7. Can we also mention Titania's casting times? They leave her vulnerable for a long period of time. Not only that, but it feels nearly impossible to lantern an enemy since an ally tends to kill them during the casting animation
  8. It is unfortunate that Thralls, a core part of his kit, was essentially disregarded when it came to tweaks. Also, getting tired of parts of his kit encouraging him to get hit when Mesmer Skin prevents him from getting hit. It's VERY counter-intuitive.
  9. Only thing that confuses me, is isn't this weapon supposed to be an Odachi style weapon? It uses great sword stances also, forma'ing the weapon seems to give 2 extra levels. Mine is at level 34 with 2 forma
  10. These mods are actually really unique and look good! These are the kind of mods that can change up builds!
  11. Not to mention that monday was a holiday for them as well
  12. Pretty much this. I'm surprised that we haven't had a followup of this yet, and it's a tad worrisome. Revenant's Passive and Reave are more fit for a frame that wants to/ can take damage, but Mesmer Skin negates damage, thus making shield damage and healing useless on his kit. Besides, he is quite squishy without Mesmer Skin, so there's not a lot of room for healing himself. Now let me say, I actually do love where Mesmer Skin is right now. I don't find myself running out of charges a ton, especially being recastable, but I love that recasting the skill actually leaves Revenant vulnerable to damage for a short duration. I think that small vulnerability period is fair, considering how strong the skill is. For Thralls, the issue is that they are meant to spread like wildfire. The issue is they get snuffed out before becoming useful at all. Revenant cannot cast Enthrall fast enough, and on enough enemies at once, to bypass allies shredding through them. The one solution I can come up with...when manually casting Enthrall onto an enemy, on death that enemy respawns as a ghostly summon of itself that lasts the remaining duration of Enthrall. This way, the enemy still technically dies, but now allies can't remove it from the game anymore and it can continue to spread the thrall virus. Also, please remove Danse Macabre detonating pillars! I'd rather have the pillars stick around!
  13. Finally, finally, FINALLY, your Titania skin was accepted. Been waiting on this skin for too long, and honestly, they could have only accepted that one skin for the entire Tennogen round and I'd be happy. Congrats, gonna be a day 1 buy from me :)
  14. Enthrall The main problem seems to be that players are struggling with the life and death balance of their thralls. Thralls are great alive since they can draw enemy aggro, and on death pillars will damage nearby enemies. The problem tends to be that Thralls die too quickly, leaving no thralls to aggro enemies. They tend to be wiped out before they can even spread much as well, also leaving very few death pillars. This is just Enthrall on it's own too, the ability is supposed to have synergy with all of his other skills. If Thralls die too quickly, there's no time for the synergy to even matter. When Revenant casts Enthrall on an enemy, he creates a Greater Thrall. Thralls created by other Thralls are Lesser thralls. On death, instead of leaving a damaging pillar, Greater Thralls crawl out of their grave in a spirit form, unable to be damaged by allies and lasting for the rest of Enthrall's duration (or until killed by enemies). Dead Greater Thralls can still turn enemies into Lesser Thralls. Greater Thralls can be killed by Danse Macabre (but only by the Revenant that created it). Having at least one Thrall that can't be killed by allies would likely solve a lot of issues. There's a constant source of Enthrall spreading, and there will always be a thrall available if Revenant needs it. Mesmer Skin I think that being able to recast Mesmer Skin might be a tad too strong, but it's definitely nice since Revenant feels quite squishy when vulnerable. There's definitely some bugs going around where he dies despite having Skin charges, or even being hit by splash damage. These need to be fixed. If it were going to damage Revenant, it should be blocked, except damage from status effects of course. Another Issue I have is that the ability basically makes Revenant not take damage. His Passive relies on taking damage, Reave is to heal himself, and Danse Macabre on Thralls give Overshields. All of this is useless when Mesmer Skin is a thing. Reave I like the ability to help out allies a bit, but sometimes it doesn't quite feel like it's very effective. Personally I'd be fine with it restoring some shields and health to allies as well. Nothing too crazy though. Overall the ability is okay and definitely has its uses more now than before Danse Macabre It's been suggested before, but I'd like to see the energy cost ramp up rather than starting off super expensive. I feel like I'm forced into building maxed efficiency due to it draining so much energy right off the bat.
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