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  1. Also I don't seem to have any weapon effects on my viral Zaw (while using saryn with toxic lash maybe?)
  2. The combos/stances changes come with melee 3.0+ or so iirc. This was only implementation of quick swapping and the ground slam. But I do have some issues. Swapping sometimes looks odd without effect. I don't know why I used to do this but during aim glide in melee mode I used to hold block (I think for more air control or something). Now it swaps to the a gun, it has the same effect on my gameplay, but again just visually it feels a bit off for me. Minor complaint though. Another one would be that I can't get syndicate procs with a gun anymore while using quick melee to kill enemies. Also not that important but still. What's really bothering me now is not having access to certain block button combos, especially on Tempo Royale, it hurts not having that combo. I have no idea what variety a stance will have in the future (since DmC was mentioned a few times on streams) but just having generic swings feels bad when the weapons have low range/speed or lack an engage. Speaking of engage, the ground slam aim feels really nice for mobility. Garuda was my favorite frame as of recent time due having a lot of air movement and engage controls with her skills. It's a bit silly that you need a frame like excal to have an engage melee skill (and having to spend energy on it). I hope this improves in the future even more. Speaking of stances, I know this won't happen considering the months work done on melee 3.0 stances, but since the old button combos are being removed and melee combat input gets streamlined, I wonder if it would be a good idea to apply 1-2 special moves on chosen melee weapons themselves to add variety to the arsenal. Either passive effects like Pyranha Prime has it or just being able to perfom to some unique move like throwing with the wolf hammer (more creative than that though).
  3. It would be nice if we could invite friends/dojo members as well instead of having to carry on alone.
  4. This is nice but can you make it possible to invite friends/guildmates then?
  5. Delayed the day of a million Saryns running around by a few month. Based DE.
  6. Who would have thought, 28 pages of suggestions were for a reason.
  7. Mesa looks amazing. Wukong looks great (just needs that rework), Limbo looked good too with the ingame model (still rip revenant...), Baruuk's kit isn't super fresh but it looks clean and good for pretty much everything I guess. I'm a martial art nut so I'm looking forward to him. If Wukong rework comes anytimes soon, I'll have a mean double team. Only thing I'm not a fan of are the nyx / titania bandaid buffs.
  8. Mesa Prime looks amazing. Just sad they stuck with Nyx's Mind Control.
  9. Can anyone confirm that Mag's Polarize does nothing to Vallis Corpus shields? I've seen it going through them but not touching their shields. Edit: I guess it "works".
  10. Played a bit and at the very least, Garuda feels better to play now.
  11. Well the Garuda changes are fine but that 35 > 40% is hilarious. Her kit promotes even more to dive into enemies now but once she's there, all she can really do is put up totems and sit. Her passive still gives no incentive to be used, or her armor in case you want that damage buff since 300 base armor won't help at 2 health. I guess her play style remains, pray you don't get shot in the back. Also thank god for the footprint fix, I thought it was my colorblindness at some point...
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