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  1. I figured you were lol dont sweat it lol. I honestly do need to get on these forums more often and read up though. Now that im on here Im seeing so many great ideas from people! Its amazing!
  2. I've been playing since Tubemen of Regor and I always love seeing newer people on here. The fabled Excalibur with stock skin aimlessly wandering around maroo's bazaar wondering where to start and pondering how long he'll have to play and "what kind of grind am I in for??" kind of look about him. While it is hilarious I envy those days and wish I knew a lot in advance before hand instead of diving right in not knowing jack (still don't know jack) lol. Either you end up in a clan or you make your own and I have to say if it wasn't for me having the ability to start a dojo from scratch I wou
  3. When I suggest a Jukebox I mean to use it ONLY and exclusively with the in games music in our dojos. The Somachord Tones SPECIFICALLY. If there's copyright infringement involved with that then we have some serious issues that need to be defined as to what constitutes Copyright Infringement but, what do I know lol.
  4. I guess I'm not on here all the time to know some of the community do's and dont's. I just play the game and log off when done. I appreciate the feedback.
  5. I have a Dojo. Particularly one that I have worked VERY hard on. I am OCD when it comes to objects clipping and alignment. Grid snap is my friend. Lighting is important. What's also just as important as any other element is SOUND. Not just any sound though, sound with purpose, intention, flavor. I love the soundtrack to this game and I'd love to hear it more, and I'd like others to hear it more along with the hard work and art that is my dojo, OUR Dojos. Obviously DE would need some form of benefit for implementing the time/effort into such an endeavor. You'd have to EARN your themes
  6. This is unrelated but I have been wanting a JUKEBOX in my dojo for the longest time! I LOVE the soundtrack you guys got. I really like the Corrupted theme and the Vitruvian Hub theme that plays when Grandfather recounts his terrifying decent into madness. Another unrelated thing is I REALLY like the visual effect of the void mirrors when we're in the void. The gold and purple sparkly ones... ooh.. so shiny. I'm sure it breaks the story a little bit because it looks like a "gateway" into the void but can we have one of those too for our Dojos? So shiny and nice. I saw we have Void Mirror "piece
  7. Are the Necramechs going to be able to use the Dual Decurion Archgun with this update? The left handed gun sits more crooked than my 4th grade bus driver's lazy eye. Oh Mr. Flannigan... may your alcohol soaked liver find peace.
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