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  1. I don't see how a challenge could be brought into the system. Only thing that comes to mind is the riven-like challenge concerning wall latching etc. but I would not like to see the outrage after similar stuff gets implemented into Nightwave.
  2. Wow... slow clap for this sophisticated way of formulating a response... really shows that you have nothing to offer in terms of real arguments. On the topic of the Alert System vs Nightwave. I have finished the event, and I must agree that after you are done it feels super underwhelming, and I won't be doing the next one. It is just not worth the effort. Just to clarify I don't deem the challenges/acts to be difficult at any point. The whole event just feels like DE wanted to be more like fomo/battle-pass games but cannot truly do it because Warframe presents itself as a game that is fair to players and customer friendly. So we end up with this *fomo light* experience pretending to be real content.
  3. Some would consider patience as an outstanding ability 😉.
  4. Spin2win! There is no other way ;).
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