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  1. KingOfVikings

    An idea

    Me.Church I understand that it would be a big change that you would fear. But dont forget that the point I am making is that it's an online game that gives you no reason to cooperate with others. I mean you can play with others If you want but you dont necessarily need them. You can do everything by yourself PvE is easy and grind is too damn much for no reason just to make the game more "challenging" but instead it becomes more boring (garuda). I don't say that they should do the PvP they way I told them but they can use this idea and make it more interesting in the game. Aheael You are right, it does not follow the story line but I am not this games developer nor any games. So all I am just saying is that here 's an idea that I believe would change warframe as we know it forever and I really think it would make farm and the whole game more challenging. Having the fear that there will be enemy players when you are trying to farm will really test you skill in combat but not only there, it will also test your skill in friendship. You will really need other players to go out there and your clan instead of doing nothing exept grinding to gain lvl (which it will eventually stop because there is no reason to exist exept the weapons from the labs) will really matter. To play under those circumstances will really make you feel that the game is challenging and make you find others to help not only you but them selves.
  2. KingOfVikings

    An idea

    PvP is the Endgame in EVERY online mmo game. So i accept that you think that spending time on pvp is not the smartest idea bad tell me is it better to just stay on you ship and do nothing because you have almost everything and there is no need to grind for no reason? I mean I am only 14MR and I dont even need to interact with other player execpt for fast lvl and plat or prime parts exchange i can solo everything with many warframes. So my idea is to have a reason to play with other people to feel like you belong somewhere not just staying on your ship waiting for the time to pass wright whatever comes to your mind on region chat or see the prices on trading chat. As for factions I dont mean to team up with them for one mission or two. I mean forever and you should choose wisely. With each faction having it's exclusive weapons and skins and mods that you cannot trade and you ll acquire them through difficult challenges based on pvp and pve.
  3. KingOfVikings

    An idea

    Dear D.E. I would like to point some ideas that I believe you might haven't thought of. I think you should bring back pvp with some fresh ideas. I believe you should take advantage from Fortuna and Cetus, your open world expansions, and make it faction arena free for all (no battle royal mode :P). You should let people choose a faction (Greener, Corpus, Sentient, Orokin, Infested) and form alliance with each one of them (for example i would like to form alliance with Greener and my friend with Orokin and we could have some exclusive events were the factions could make alliances and team up against other factions and gain exclusive rewards). Each Faction should have a home planet like Fortuna and Cetus where the open world expansions take place. So if I for example am allied with Greener I should walk freely across Plains Of Eidolon the only pve enemy would be Eidolon and Greener would have in PoE their own main base that only the Tenno that allied with greener would have access (same goes for the other factions) so even the players that are not allied would have a neuteral zone (Cetus). These are my ideas for now, thank you for taking the time to read this I am really sorry for my bad english (I am from Greece)!