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  1. Well Well looks like the Cry Baby Club got there way and the cheaters are still playing the game and Steel Path farming is dead and so is the gameplay for anyone who cared pretty sad how a company this good (when they want to be) can hide a nerf in the middle of buffs ...seems we cant get 1 good update without a little trash in it someplace be nice too know who's bright idea it was too nerf her seeing as this frame has been doing that kind of damage for years but thats what crappy feedback(this thread ) and stat watching gets you ...maybe they should refund all the forma ...kuva an
  2. You all know that after the next patch the SE farming of any type is dead and buried right ? so then all that hate one of the most powerful frames and best farming frames in the game can all find something else too complain about like umm i dunno ....how about all the weapon and riven nerfs ? frames like Ember and Saryn were changed way back due too the fact they could clear a maps with ease ...guess what? the mostly still can bottom line is if you dont like something dont play it only farm like SE left is now Arby's and oh unless you have used Khora and played in them her whip cla
  3. @Madurai-Prime ....i stay alot longer then 10min im making a point here is all the drop rates are trash for Vitus and no i dont expect 20 that fast the problem is and everyone im sure encounters this issue ...no one else can last or cares too go past 20 waves or even make 30min i play all modes cept Steel Path i have no interest in redoing the star chat ...my choice and same for many others as there is no true reward ive watched WF streamers getting alot of SE during survival and they drop from EX units all im saying is even the playing field and make it same for Arbys
  4. Im sure this has been mentioned someplace in the past few months maybe but im not about too goo looking and seeing as its not something with glitches and or broke nothing will come of this and im wasting my time talking about it but here goes anyway Arby's are fun too run ...good endo ...good mods and few useful arcanes but....Vitus drops are crap as only way too get it is a 3% drop from drones and a wave reward so most are running steel path too farm SE and buy kuva or whatever thing is maybe not everyone is interested in hard mode i know im not so here is a few ideas i have to make the
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