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  1. Oh ok, i see what you want. You want an entirely separate floating bone (Detached from the actual warframe skeleton) that you can holster the sword to, not necessarily "Jiggle bone", but something that will allow the sword to float almost ethereally. Got it.
  2. I don't want this because i try to get my swords holstered as close to the frame as possible without clipping, and a jiggle holster would just be a nightmare.
  3. Yea those stupid Floofs should've either been added to the rotation, or her shop had new slots added to make up for them. I don't know anyone who even uses those Affinity flares.
  4. Awfully strong convictions you have there considering most of the lore surrounding the Lotus is one massive pile of ambiguity and paradoxical motives. You hate her for what? Leaving? You don't even know WHY. Not yet. Not really.
  5. Big brain time. Soon we will be getting a small rework to hacking and melee 3.0 finishers with a strange almost assassins creed wrist blade that can perform "fancy finishers" and hack terminals. Space Mom according to the lore was a "Reprogrammed Sentient" and somehow Ballas reset her. We will hack Space Mom. Killing "Natah" and returning Lotus so she can love us again, using this blade.
  6. I think what people are actually saying is you took up 3 of the 5 slots in Nakak's shop for the Thumper floofs, and never gave her replacement slots returning it to the 5 RNG slots it was released with, and limiting it to only 2.
  7. It's still theft if someone other that the person who made it claims it as their own.
  8. https://www.deviantart.com/nakila2014/art/Warframe-For-Kas-811662642 This person clearly stole Shy's art and claimed it as their own. Edit: Since some of you seem to question if its stolen art or not, im assuming you can't actually see it. Heres the image. @CephalonShy
  9. *List of good changes and additions* Me: Any news on Tennogen part 3? DE:
  10. Titania is overpowered, if you think she is bad i highly suggest you build her properly and try again. The ONLY thing titania is bad at is arbitrations, because most of her survivability comes from her powers. Octavia is really good too, ESPECIALLY on arbitrations her mallets damage scales on enemy damage so you have to do very little for her to be able to kill everything that isn't under drone control. Vauban... No argument. Nyx could use some work, but the focus of that should be her passive. Enemies have a 20% chance to miss? Whoopty-do when heavy gunners shoot a bajillion shots at you and at higher levels "1 shot, ya done son". To say she is completely useless though is just ignorant, she is still very viable in many scenarios, but i will agree her abilities could use some... refreshing. Zephyr... Honestly she isn't the WORST, but she also isn't really worth defending... so yea. But seriously, Titania and Octavia.
  11. My disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined.
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