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  1. I was literally just thinking about this. We haven't had plague star in so long.
  2. When i read this, i couldn't stop laughing just imagining it.
  3. Except that he's not targetable with mesa's 4?
  4. So your solution for having crappy team or a crappy host is to place an even bigger burden on the good players? Seems like you didn't think that through.
  5. Okay, so lets assume DE makes the new Umbra Warframes on a male/female cycle. With Excalibur's release on the assumption the next frame would be female, which female frame would you want to see Umbra'd? Example: Mag, Nyx, Valkyr, etc.
  6. Frame doesn't usually matter, if the player instant revives multiple times when i'm right there picking them up i let them die.
  7. Chroma Prime, and it's mostly the flood of Fluctus heavies, scrambus', and minor soldiers, because when i try to put some distance between me and them, i get knocked down by the orbs shield spam, shot to ribbons by the enemies, try to get away again, get bombarded with missiles from the orb, get downed. etc. I do try to keep long ranged i generally use either my vectis prime or my rubico prime because i have the most flexibility forma'd into them, but i swear the swarms just spawn behind or near me.
  8. I never claimed to be the best, but i do know i'm better than the dude who is standing underneath the orb, where he can't see the elements, firing at its underbelly with a lex until he dies, res's and does the exact same thing over and over.
  9. I understand that, but i HAVE prepared, i spent DAYS preparing, watching other people do it, i have everything i need but for some reason it doesn't work out. I'm sorry i was a bit hostile.
  10. I do actually do step 2, but because RNG is RNG, i never get what i need.
  11. "LeArN fRoM tHeM." No Shert, Shilock. Every time i watch someone do one of those speed runs i never see them have to deal with the massive horde of enemies that i encounter in the fight.
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