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  1. Came over to report the same issue, I'm noticing though that the PlayStation version of this is listed in trello, I haven't tried the work around yet, but apparently this can be done with remapping the key/button, hopefully by mapping it to the same button. But noticed this issue a long time ago with an xbox controller... I always assume something so obvious would get fixed after an update, but here I am 3 updates later. At least it's partially known.
  2. It would be cool to have parallels between warframe attributes and faction kuva, like blue relates to energy or shields and is used as corpus kuva, red for health and grineer, even though aside from our health bar all other healing is green if I remember correctly, and green kuva for infested, then eventually probably gold kuva or something for sentients. It does seem like nice thematic parallels, but if it's mechanical and not just graphical I wonder if it would separate the different nemesis' to much from each other.
  3. Right, so I've read only the first couple pages, a lot of comments about flux in those sections... It seems the main concern is having a frame that doesn't regularly have enough energy to power a railjack. I wonder if having a basic minimum power to railjack would be a decent solution... So say for example you have a frame that can't use all of railjacks powers, the railjack would in such cases have more energy storage than your frame, but on the other end if your frame does have more energy than this minimum amount you get little to no increase in energy. And
  4. Wait... But didn't they say they want to release it at the same time on every platform? And doesn't it take like a month to cert? Shouldn't they have submitted for certification already? ... Does sound like a lot more bugs doing it that way though, since PC tests most of consoles bugs, so, counting certifying... They would've had to do it last month at the latest, so probably within the next 3 weeks.
  5. So... Reading through a bit it seems the main topic is "blacklist X because I don't enjoy it." With such things as room clearing abilities and speed increasing buffs being mentioned. Which is understandable just as everything can be, people want to play massively customizable experiences in their own ways, sure. I think it's also important to note some other key things, often times, -not always- I find I hate joining games with people that have a lower mastery/newer weaker players in endless missions, as soon as the evac comes up, the host usually an mr below 10, will leave immediately a
  6. I'm not sure this is particularly the right place for my feedback, but railjack has helped me realize that I quite love multi-objective missions, like railjack, a combination of mostly exterminate, capture and mobile defense all at the same time, which finds a squad breaking up and taking on these sub objectives on their own to complete the whole of the mission as fast as possible. I do love that, primarily in the grineer missions, having to wait for people to do a normally ground mission is kinda meh, still feels disjointed if you ask me, I can't imagine anyone wanting to do an en
  7. double posted, weirdly didn't get a notification of successful posting.
  8. question about this, should it not also cause a dive bomb explosion when hitting walls and other surfaces that now cancel its momentum, even more similar to Guass?
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