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  1. So, I'm sure it's been noticed by now, but getting issues with limited controller functionality, (Xbox one controller for me) and some small amount of lag, which has happened in the past, and normally restarting my computer fixes it. But the controller issue, seems I can move the cursor around most menus but I can't select or back out of anything, and I have no further control than that.
  2. Figured this was a common and known bug that would eventually get fixed, guess it isn't being talked about that much? But yeah, essentially all my weapons do an unwanted heavy attack, mine feels like mashing is the issue though, if I go fast enough with hitting my melee button (B, controller) it does it almost on command. Certainly a combo window, but I don't find that my attack speed effects it's frequency that much, feels more like just hitting melee again at the wrong time, like right when I combo is supposed to end or something. I was hoping, just from how awful it feels, that it was a bug, but it sure has been around for a bit now hasn't it. Happy new years as well guys.
  3. Though to be honest, (even though it could certainly be more,) I bet a food bank is pretty happy to even get that much. Would you guys maybe mind posting about the giant check donation hand off, or forwarding the food banks thanks back to us? Would love to actually see their happiness for our efforts.
  4. Also, not really a bug, just doesn't seem to be designed for it yet, but aiming seems wrong with a controller, I think there might be some slight drifting issue as well. Aiming is very snappy and needs to be controlled with extreme precision, just ends up with missing most of the time but it's manageable. Otherwise not noticing other issues with Xbox one controller's.
  5. Refine is appearing as menu string "menu_generic1" while using an Xbox one controller. Took me watching a video about refining to figure out where it was, I had assumed it was just the title of that menu.
  6. Was literally thinking of making the same comment. Hope they see it and consider or are already considering similar adjustments with the launch of empyrean. Cause honestly what we got wasn't what I expected either.
  7. Modular archwing coming with this? And pet inventory when? 100x gear when?
  8. And nerfs for sure, modular archwing, whatever part of it ends up working will probably be working better than expected. Does make me more excited though, I'm interested to see what new abilities they'll think of for it. The archwings we have now seem to encompass most of our ideas.
  9. I feel like the general idea so far is that we want the railjack to in some way or another be a customizable combination of all of our archwings, itzels fighters, elytrons nuke, odonatas missiles, etc. Wonder what that modular archwing is gonna bring with it.
  10. Probably wouldn't be to hard to add, they might've even considered it for the upcoming syndicate update of crew mate's. I doubt it would take to much either, iron wake is essentially NPC positions just copied over from a relay to an earth defense map. Think I even remember being something already setup within the glast gambit quest.
  11. A smuggling/supply mission sounds like it would be cool, like stealing from a grineer galleon and taking the haul to iron wake or something.
  12. So, I didn't see a forum post on the topic already, so sorry if a better version is already going. But I'd like to pool some community ideas pre-launch for upgrades. If possible we should keep it simple, such as; -I'd like to see something like this- And that's it. Keep replies positive as well, we're just blowing smoke after all. So for me, a lot of the upgrades already shown are pretty cool, invisibility, weapon adjustments, etc. What I want to see, that I haven't already seen is some kind of automated point defense system controlled by Cy, for when your playing solo. And a short range jump drive similar to blink. And maybe a missile battery. Anyone else?
  13. Can we touch on this please? @[DE]Rebecca
  14. I really love individual dev streams, you guys should do them more often. Would love to see someone drawing in the art department. Or music. Or if that already happens more than casual carousel, or Steve stream those people should post, or have a section for on going employee streams.
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