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  1. I wonder if you equip both now and leave them, if the hotfix will remove one.
  2. Noticed this starting with fortuna, a long time ago... Maybe I should start reporting things that seem like obvious bugs... I mean this has to have been reported before though, right? Dialogue reset after every update? Been going on since the first update after fortuna.
  3. I thought nightwave was supposed to repeat after we made enough content for it, so players wouldn't be stuck all the time like this, I thought this was supposed to be better than the alert system, which at least kept my interest. Why are we not looping the 3 stories we have with the one intermission we redesigned multiple times? I mean, we have a years worth of nightwave, run each for 3 months, add a new one annually, leave them all at, what are we at now 120 ranks? Knew this was gonna go Spartan Ops as soon as they said nightwave, no one can develop like t
  4. As someone with founder emails in a yahoo account back when my vista couldn't handle Warframe... I think once I reach 30 I'm gonna uninstall the game... After so many years...
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