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  1. TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: could not start vault tier 2 bounty after finishing vault tier 1. i finished the vault incl. puzzle, used the tentacle to get out and could not start the second tier bounty after that. VISUAL: Screens https://imgur.com/U48pOhF https://imgur.com/CjDwV2o https://imgur.com/Wr5LsfU REPRODUCTION: EXPECTED RESULT: i should have been able to start the second bounty OBSERVED RESULT: i had to leave deimos REPRODUCTION RATE: it was the first time for me
  2. TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: i was refining the worm gobbles for the third tier of isolation vaults. during the wait i did some fishing. while in the throwing animation the refining finished and i got stuck with my fishing spear. i could not move anymore, could not use abilities, couldnt go into spoiler mode or use any gear. neither through the gearwheel or through hotkeys. /unstuck did nothing. happened at around 13:38 while i was solo in deimos. only option was to abort the mission, since menu's were still accessible. VISUAL: i was punching a wall for loosing the third vault and fo
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