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  1. I don't want them to add servers. The cost of servers alone would kill this free game. Only if DE would introduce a payment plan, and that will kill the game as well. So no go on the servers, but fix losing stuff during host migration
  2. I have 75. And 4 Ninkondi sets. I'll sell you one for 250 plat if you want
  3. So bassicly, you are selling stuff nobody wants to buy and therefore have too much stuff in your inventory.
  4. Wrong section bud. But I like the idea and would be a very nice QoL change
  5. So I missed the last week forma challenge, and had 2/3. I completed all of this weeks challenges and got the Forma challenge from laat week back. I formad Vaykor Hek today, and it jist didn't count towards the 2/3 forma challenge. Then I formad Paracesis, and it didnt count again. I was not in simulacrum both times. Just lost 2 forma for nothing or?
  6. It clearly says: Using Loki's Ability to Switch Teleport a Demolyst to death on tiles with a !!!!bugged teleport volume!!! resulting in insta-death is considered an illicit run.
  7. Oh come on. Stop spewing garbage. No buffs and lvl 400? Yea, if the guy is standing still and you are shooting him for 30 minutes. Not to mention that you need infinite ammo for it.
  8. Seems to me like Wisp isn't your style of play and you should stay away from her as far as possible. I don't know why people cry about her 4th ability. It takes about 5 seconds to melt a lvl 120 C H Gunner, if that is not enough dmg for you, nothing will be. Im just going to say that, you obviously are a 1 ability nuke person and don't understand the synergy behind her abilities.
  9. Yea, him and that LifeOfRio guy are all kinds of stoopid. I wish we had better Warframe partners that better mirror the community
  10. You have a problem with people in general it seems. You why are you here again?
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