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  1. "Plains of Eidolon: Night in 1h" (Last part coming soonTM) *** Looks: The Flaussh, Reverse Flaussh, and Zaumm *** Original Post: Starring Gauss as The Flash and Reverse Flash. 😄
  2. He's holding the invisible Corvas. LOL.
  3. After casting Gauss' Thermal Sunder, Corvas became invisible. Shooting it still works though, just a visual bug. Didn't test other archguns. FYI. Update (Corvas): Turns invisible after casting any of Gauss' abilities. Update (Cygnas): Didn't turn invisible.
  4. TL;DR. 1. Remove "Melee with Fire Button Input" from the options menu. 2. Add "Hold [Switch Weapon Key] to equip and lock Melee." 3. Update "Press [Switch Weapon Key] to switch between Primary and Secondary, or unlock Melee and equip last ranged weapon used." 4. While Melee is Locked: apply "Melee with Fire Button Input" by default, and replace "Aim/Aim Glide" with "Manual Block/Melee Glide," and disable "Auto-block." 5. While Melee is Unlocked: remove "Melee with Fire Button Input," and replace "Manual Block/Melee Glide" with "Aim/Aim Glide," and enable "Auto-block." As I play more with Melee Phase 1 changes, I still like it overall... except when my intended melee strike becomes an aim or a shot. Again and again. F. Happens either: when executing different melee combos consecutively, or while wanting to do a melee attack after a jump or glide; both while "Melee with Fire Button Input" is on. It's more consistent than the weapon switching after the update. LOL. One weapon switching issue mentioned in my initial feedback is partly caused by "Melee with Fire Button Input." And yes, it can be hotfixed, but if I may suggest to simply remove it as a toggle option. Removing the toggle option will not just reduce the complexity of the system, but will also make the "gun-melee" mechanics consistent to all players (e.g. For gun-melee play, we have to use only "E" for melee). And for us who prefer to set "Fire Button or Left Mouse Button" as melee attack prior to Melee Phase 1, why not just give us an option to lock our melee weapon and auto-apply "Melee with Fire Button Input" there instead? And while melee is locked, replace "aim/aim glide" with "manual block/melee glide." Adding an option to lock melee will not only remove the "oops aim/shoot" during melee combat and break our flow, but will also give players freedom to switch to gun-melee or full melee play on the fly (e.g For full melee play and use Fire Button as Melee, we have to lock melee - no more unequip Primary and Secondary required, and "E" remains as is). About auto-block and manual block: sometimes we just want to get hit for that Rage and Hunter Adrenaline. Really. Oof. IMO, - recognizing the difference between gun-melee and full melee play styles, - and emphasizing their differences through default controls for each style, - then providing the option to switch between the two anytime will make the new melee system more accessible, more clear, and more simple for all types of players. Plus no other changes required to the rest of Melee Phase 1 (maybe except making weapon switching more consistent in relation to power cells, datamass, mining, scanning, tranq, etc. - a QA pass about this would be nice. LOL.) Cheers!
  5. Overall, I'm liking the Melee Phase 1 changes, though it would be nice to have a consistent weapon switching while scanning/mining/tranq or during excavation missions or elsewhere. Also, melee block combo and auto-block still feels weird (I prefer manual blocking). Here's a suggestion: Bring back "Hold Switch Weapon key to equip melee" function, and change it to "Hold Switch Weapon key to equip and lock melee" instead. Also change Switch Weapon to "Press Switch Weapon key to switch between Primary and Secondary, and unlock melee." So, while melee is locked... manual blocking! While melee is unlocked, auto-blocking! No other changes required to blocking-related mods or elsewhere. It's same as the old function that players are used to, but now, just add lock/unlock melee and keep the new melee changes. Win-win. For players like me using "Melee with Fire Button Input", sometimes we just want to go full melee without gunfire interrupting our flow... ...like while immersed in melee, we want to do a slam attack (instinctively Left Mouse Button) after aim glide, but we shot a gun instead. F. Also, the melee block combo is a constant hit or miss for us who prefers to start all melee combos with the LMB - we either execute it or we suddenly aim and shoot (given Berserker is equipped, and player prefers changing up combos in the heat of combat and not just spam block combo). The consistent way for us to execute block combos is to always start using the keyboard (E), then hold aim (RMB) and press E/LMB etc., but kills the "Melee with Fire Button Input" vibe. So, if we'll have an option to lock melee that enables manual blocking in addition to the new melee changes with auto-blocking, players can freely choose how they want to execute melee block combos anytime - old school or new school. (Aside: I like DMC, but I'm a PC player who prefers a keyboard-mouse controls. Been wanting a DMC-ish PC game ever since, so Warframe appealed to me after Rakion and Firefall. Haven't tried DMC5 on Steam yet.) At the moment, uninterrupted melee play is only possible if no primary and secondary weapons are equipped. But sometimes, full melee players want to have a gun/bow ready when they feel like using it too. So I think allowing us to lock or unlock melee on the fly will cater to "full melee players", "DMC-ish players", and the "players in-between." (I'm on "In-between") That's it. Cheers!
  6. Recorded using Windows 10 Game DVR (Windows key + G). Trimmed using Windows 10 Photos. P.S. If I'll win (I wish), here's a "trophy-like" base idea: pillar + roots + lamp post + stairs (as seen in the video thumbnail's expert perspective drawing). LOL. Just saying. Still up to the artist. 😄
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