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  1. Ask any Limbo player, and they'll tell you that while they understand the change to Stasis, it very much sucked the life and strategy out of their favorite Warframe. So with Limbo Deluxe on its way, my proposal is a Stasis Augment that: 1) Does not affect the projectiles of the rest of the team. It only affect's Limbo's projectiles. 2) Provides a damage buff based on the amount of time the projectiles are frozen. This would allow a Limbo player to gets some more fun out of their Stasis, keeping the feel of Limbo that most people love (DIO cosplays all around), while also preventing the mechanic that was the main contentious point of this frame. An alternative to this is adding a toggle ability to Stasis that freezes your own projectiles (while leaving your teammates' projectiles unaffected), while creating an augment that gives the damage buff based on time frozen (so effectively the augment is simply the damage buff). Either way, there's room enough here for a happy compromise between the different segments of the community about this frame. Love ya, DE. Top hats for everyone!
  2. This is also another good solution. I've seen many people offering compromises and alternatives, including myself. I just hope DE cares enough to listen to us instead of just making a sweeping change to a warframe without taking feedback from those who play the frame.
  3. On behalf of all Limbos everywhere, let me suggest the following two options: Either, A) Have it to where Limbos can CHOOSE whether or not Stasis still affects his own projectiles. (this would be a separate option). or B) Have it not affect projectiles, and create an augment mod for Stasis that allows projectiles to be frozen, and gives them a buff based on the amount of time they were held frozen in Stasis.