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  1. I occasionally think about trying to suffer the PvP grind for the skins with the glowing tron lines... but then I remember how much I dislike pvp game modes in a game where pvp was only shoe horned in due to a very small but loud segment of people. I rather anything that might of gone into PvP be going into Archwing.
  2. Next year DE adds bars to warframe only for Tenno 21 and older.
  3. Even if we don't get to kill the murderous terraformer gone wrong/sky net wannabe I sincerely hope she's done as our handler.
  4. A wise space ship captain once said "If someone tries to kill you, you try to kill them back." Sentients and by extension Natah have declared themselves our enemies. Now let's get space dad Wally, the real source of what we are and end the war forever by glassing every sentient nest in origin or tau.
  5. Whenever a friend of mine picks the game up I'll normally give them a few hundred plat, I don't buy every prime access but I've got a few. I think Mirage was the last full one I bought.
  6. They talked about that in the past, they said they are not going to just do gender swaps. As time goes on they might reuse a theme like say another ice frame and it be female but the powers would be different and it would be its own thing not just "girl frost".
  7. Obviously during this skin Khora is a crab spider that hides itself in a flower.
  8. It was guaranteed in its first event too, as for Baro with primed chamber? Sure, along with primed hornet strike and primed serration.
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