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  1. Clicking on a Railjack mission automatically results in me joining someone else's squad Expectation: When I click on a mission, I should be able to go to that mission on my own ship Result: I automatically join someone else's squad, on someone else's ship. Suggested fix: When a mission is clicked, a context menu should appear, giving the player an option of either starting a squad or joining a squad.
  2. Type: In-game Subject: There is a slight delay between selecting a forge and the forge menu showing up on the screen
  3. Type: In-Game Subject: Arclite landing craft skin is off-center in loading screen Click on the link to see image https://imgur.com/a/sz26hIl Expectation: The landing craft is in its usual position on the screen, closer to the center. Reality: It is on the bottom left of the screen.
  4. Type: In-Game Subject: Lack of a wear-and-tear adjuster for the INTERIOR of the railjack. Expectation: There should be a wear-and-tear adjuster for the interior of a railjack. Result. There is none.
  5. So according to the video, all intrinsic skills will be reset. Will my intrinsics points be refunded?
  6. What happens: If a Tenno dies while lures are following them, they cannot be used by anyone else Expectation: The Lures should have the word "X Follow," which means that pressing X will make them follow you Reality: This doesn't happen Frequency: All the time
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