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  1. So what about our Ash Pack then? Do we just not get it or do you think DE will eventually fix it?
  2. Yeah that's what I got and I got 500 plat on top of that. Am I supposed to buy Ash or something? I'm really confused and afraid to use the platinum in case they take it back.
  3. I posted in PC bugs, I wanted to submit a support ticket but they have nothing for Discord Drop support.
  4. I didn't even get any of the above, I just got 3 boosters and platinum. Ash Warframe Ash Koga Deluxe Skin Ryu Deluxe Weapon Skin Centuria Syandana Gazal Armor Bundle Discord Exclusive Color Picker  7-Day Affinity Booster (I got this and two other boosters, that's all)
  5. Can you make it a wee bit easier to 5 out of your Warframe to fight voums while holding a tranq? They keep killing my tags.
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