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  1. I don't understand the overreaction of some here. Lowering by 0.2 (the maximum DE can nerf a riven) is negligible in most cases. Remember, 99% of the enemies in this game die with a single spin melee attack or a bullet to the head of any good weapon without the need of a riven. The only weapons that notably get nerfed by such small changes would be shotgun type weapons where you have a riven that barely lets you get past the 100% SC. Example, if you have a Kohm riven with 120-123% SC and it gets nerfed to under 120%. In any other scenario, your 1 shot weapon will still 1 shot. If you want to complain about something, complain that there is no challenge in this game where our rivens would actually be used.
  2. The only riven I have that survived the nerf was the Kohm. I have an amazing Kohm riven, but I dont use the weapon because the weapon looks like A$$ Guess I'll have to swallow the looks. EDIT: If I remember right, my Kohm has 121% SC + MS so if it gets nerfed, it will go from great riven to trash HAHA DE PLZ
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