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  1. Dear DE, Thank you for all the love you put into Warframe, I’ve been playing for well over a year and the experience has been overwhelmingly positive. This is why I was so disappointed to see you say that all Nekros Prime drops have been sent out to all the folks who participated in the TennoCon promotion. Like many other players I received the Lotus Ephemera drop, but no Nekros Prime drop, despite meeting all the requirements to a T. The fact that many of us received the Lotus Ephemera is proof that our accounts were linked. And an overloaded Twitch server is no fault of the player and still the responsibility of DE to ameliorate. When there were technical problems with last years TennoCon promotion you ran a script that gave everyone Ash Prime who logged into Warframe and had a linked account within a certain time window. You could easily do this again or individually distribute the drops to all your loyal, honest customers who are writing you support tickets and starting forum threads. If you don’t make this right you are guilty of false advertising and have injured our trust in you as an ethical developer. Sincerely, Skribblebumpkins
  2. ~ya gotta, like, free yourself from those boxes and concepts, it's 2019, get w/ the times, freedom of bunny expression 24/7/365~
  3. heaven forbid we should get to be bunnies for too long
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