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  1. eh. The mask is called Corvid. (closed and open... if that's an option) Inspired by Ostron bits and the Plague Doctor mask...but mostly Ostron bits.
  2. (Hello my friends, I am here, to bring you an ABOMINATION:) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (The actual submission "screenshot" features 99 words - please point out if I made any mistakes before it's too late O_o) (the 2 main pics unedited in high rez)
  3. In that order - Darvo, hands down.He was my fav when he first appeared and will forever be my fav. And the way he was degraded from " somewhat first npc with a background" to " stands around in the relay, being of no use at all" hurts my soul. I wish we would get to learn more about him. - Vay Hek, I've always liked him. no idea why. And that tiny bit of his past we saw in that little comic just made me like him more. - Sargas Ruk and Alad V, Don't make me decide. I like Sargas Ruk because he seems like a honorable warrior, loyal to the grineer. And Alad V I like for being the exact opposite. That's about it. All the other npcs seem kinda empty to me. New Npcs just can't compete with the first few Npcs.
  4. UHmmm so... yeah... I don't have that much time lately, but... https://imgur.com/unmjZeg err... that's my not so serious entry. Cuz you all you people forget about the most important, friendly and handsome man in that game: And that would be Darvo. Obviously! Also... I was halfway done with the pic when... NAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY lmao XD This just keeps happening. I take part in a contest and do not read the description. Well... It's only a joke entry anyway. But I thought I'd upload it anyway 🙂 Wishing y'all happy holidays!!!!!!!!
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