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  1. eh. The mask is called Corvid. (closed and open... if that's an option) Inspired by Ostron bits and the Plague Doctor mask...but mostly Ostron bits.
  2. (Hello my friends, I am here, to bring you an ABOMINATION:) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (The actual submission "screenshot" features 99 words - please point out if I made any mistakes before it's too late O_o) (the 2 main pics unedited in high rez)
  3. UHmmm so... yeah... I don't have that much time lately, but... https://imgur.com/unmjZeg err... that's my not so serious entry. Cuz you all you people forget about the most important, friendly and handsome man in that game: And that would be Darvo. Obviously! Also... I was halfway done with the pic when... NAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY lmao XD This just keeps happening. I take part in a contest and do not read the description. Well... It's only a joke entry anyway. But I thought I'd upload it anyway 🙂 Wishing y'all happy holidays!!!!!!!!
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