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  1. Sort of agreed, especially because now we have full combo moveset on quick melee too. One really cool thing that can be made to make "melee + secondary" look good and be useful is a new movesets for "slash and shoot" style of attacks or "stab + headshot" melee finishers.
  2. Havent you DE shown secondary + onehanded melee some years ago on some devstream? I want my WH40k comissar-style Vauban with a Vaykor Marelok + Dakra Prime.
  3. Give me two and ill write a review why Nihil was the most awful experience in the game and why I wont replay this fight... *flashbacks intensifying*
  4. 3rd Nightwave - no gauss helmet, no grendel's helmet, protea helmet once after protea's release. Intermission - protea's helmet at W1. Good luck not to miss it.
  5. DE, any chances of text/news version of a devstream back again?
  6. Me. Just sending it to get Hexenon from Jupiter, amount not so big but better gameplay comparing to sitting on infinite missions there.
  7. Any nullifier. We got an abilities as huge gameplay part, but some random enemy just jumps from the celling or from behind and "NOPE - you doesnt have this gameplay part now, and lets turn off all you got active", and also their shields soaking any damage, and that joke-like drone "just kill it to remove the bubble", good luck doing it when it is a bit behind the bubble and your hits wont reach it. If as a enemy set - Orb Vallis because of huge variety of enemy abilities at once - you get insta-blobbed by stagger, crowd control, nulification, ability cancelling (general nullification and
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