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  1. look at the steamcharts website it shows you avg players, decrease and increase. Warframe, or moreso DE has the privilage of a LOT of people coming back for each update (they drop the game right after they ground the update out again because there is no real content worth repeating after you got x drop from it) They dropped an update last week, with just 1 new gun and it's mediocer at best. then we got a weekend event, fomorian armada and now we got razorbacks. I highly doubt all of these things coming basically back to back is a coincidence. I'm not doomsaying anything, i'm just realistic, altho with a little pessimistic undertones in it, i love warframe and spent way more time in this game than i really want to addmit and wish we'd just get some nice endgame like content that is worth repeating or grinding out for longer than just a few hours.
  2. Warframe is losing players, the last somewhat decent content update that bourght a new wave of players in is 1 year old now (talking about the quest that brought umbra stuff) the last few updates were rather pointless and poor attempts to get old vets to return to the game and keep them playing for a while. Just look at the "special" things we had in the short while. S#&$ is going downhill and DE is noticing it and reacting poorly, might aswell go as far as seeng these cosmetic updates as a last cashgrab..
  3. WHY do you guys reward the bug abusers here while you punished them in nightwave and with the khora exploit? Man up and take action against the cheaters. Remove the clans that abused the most completely off of the leaderboards and set their profile scores to 0. There are other exploits ready to be (ab)used and scores will most likely rise even higher. Why make a leaderboard when you let people cheat their way to the top so easily?
  4. the clans abusing these (at least in the lower tier - not going to call names for obvious reasons) don't advertise with leaderboard wins since they are pretty elitist communities and members of one clan don't care about bans at all because they're sitting on a handfull of mr27 alts anyway. There is no real fix other than fixing the game and making it as unexploitable as possible ^^
  5. So you guys are cool with people using this bug to get to 300k score? This clearly was unintendet and got abused. How should the leaderboard be of ANY meaning if you just let people ride with those exploits? Remember when someone found something else that wasn't intended and abused it *cough* to level some stuff quickly *cough* and what happened to the people that used it? Why do you guys care if a lvling exploit is abused to sh*t and now you just give those guys a freeby for abusing an unintended thing in an actual comepition? Might aswell stop with those leaderboards all together and just keep stuff like it was duringe the plague star event..
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