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  1. 10. Dev-Streams and their free potatoes and critical insight into development and well analyzed statistics.

    9. Pablo

    8. Nekros

    7. Disruption

    6. Railjack and it's one mission type. Would have been nice if it had been expanded about 5 months ago.

    5. Bimonthly Events the lore involved and new guns/mods/etc.

    4. Alliance Conflicts with Ash/Mesa.

    3. Helminth cuz removing bad abilities.

    2. T4 Surv and its rewarding design.

    1. Raids and the community that's not at all dead now.

    Well at least some other chinese owned game is valueing my time and rewarding challenge I guess.

  2. vor 2 Minuten schrieb Grav_Starstrider:

    Isn't the Soma fully automatic? The entire point of Marked for Death is to make a damage instance into a "nuke". You're supposed to use it with something like Garuda's fully charged Blood Ball, to make enemies in it's area of effect receive even more damage, or multiply a sniper shot to a whole crowd.

    i was making the point that a mediocre weapon from 5 years ago is better than an ability at clearing rooms. Should have maybe chosen the boltor instead as the new soma augment is actually quite nice.

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  3. get rid of the health limiter from enemies, overdamage should count especially with all the downsides like LoS, range, efficiency and str investments and the loss of survivability due to the trickery fix (which was one of the two only justified nerfs during your overreaction last week).

    An ability that's worse than just using a soma or melee spam in 90% of your game (except for steel path) isn't balanced well/

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  4. Can people that invested into your beta system get a refund for the wasted resources please.

    Wasting Formas on frames that get nerfed is bad enough, but now people wasted tons of resources in a resource sink, just for them to be burned into nothingness with your recent, justified changes.

    To further stress this out before I get hate. I'm not complaining about you nerfing shadow strike2.0, I would just like some of my Bile back, because Bile is a mess, which has yet to be addressed.

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  5. Imagine giving someone that has stayed with the game daily for 5 years a little shiny thank you, like another armor set, a syandana or an ephemera. Seems like an unimportant little gesture to me, but it would lead to the forums and reddit being ablaze.

    After all these fashion items would totally force everyone to log in daily to get a bit of fashion which they'd never use.

  6. vor einer Stunde schrieb xHeretic:

    You can't equip 2 sets of the same arcane, just 1 and that's why they gave the new rank 5, wich came with the changes for energize (discussed here) and a lot of other arcanes.

    you can't use ember's channeled ability either. Point still stands Energize removes energy from being a ressource you have to care about even with just one set and a cooldown between procs, especially with the possibility of the new energizing shot shennanigans.

  7. the whole chatban thing is and has always been a total mess. There's more or less 2 ways to get chat-banned. Autoban from kickbot or a moderator and a player report. The kickbot ban is usually for "bad" words like the g,f,t and n one. Those bans usually last 1 to 3 days. If you were a bad boi and said something bad that the kickbot didn't detect but a moderator saw and was disgusted by, they might give you a 1 to 7 day global chat vacation. If a player reports you it usually lasts between 3 days up to  a month.

    The only way to figure out how long you're banned is by writing a ticket and asking support, be very precise here and ask them for the specific duration. One time they just confirmed my chatban and didn't state the duration. Yeah it would be way better if the in game chat would say that ban duration, but we have been asking for that since 2014, so it will never happen, just like universal vacuum, alliance conflicts and raids returning or scaling rewards.

    Pro tip from me, disable region chat in your ui, that thing only gets you banned. If you need help ask in your clan/alliance chat or consult the wiki. Hope that cleared things up a bit.

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  8. 7 hours ago, (PS4)krizalid9999 said:



    While your response might seem apropriate towards 1 person. This graph shows how it actually works, 30k people leaving in the last 2 weeks, because the game is a S#&$show, with way better alternatives out there.

    So how about not telling people to leave the game but telling DE to finally adress the problems Warframe has and fix said problems. Like for example removing alerts in favour of a battle pass system, which they keep developing after the prior season ended, forcing us players into longer and longer intermissions.

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  9. As someone that remembers damage2.0 in update 12 or so, the idea of holding updates to polish them irritates me. DE fixes the issues in a decent amount of time, we PC players are their beta testers. So with the bugs I'm fine, with overhyping and overpromising, however, I'm not. Especially in recent updates this has been my main issue. They promise features and ideas that never make it into the game, they're the new No Man Sky.

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  10. vor 19 Minuten schrieb 3rdpig:

    And I think all of us here already know that from the 20 other "DE Screwed Up!" threads going on at the moment. So other than making him feel better to add to the dogpile, what was the point?

    I mean they are ignoring our feedback since like 2016, so imo these new threads "dobpiling" on their mistakes might force them to actually adress the main issues with the game for once.

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  11. vor 4 Stunden schrieb JackHargreav:



    Do you seriously think that one mod suddenly brought back a bunch of people.

    Those who stopped playing the game for a long time, forgot about the existence of that piece of crap probably.

    I certainly forgot that It's a thing. And I play almost daily. But that's just me.

    My clan of 100 vets that haven't played much since Liches and next to nothing since RJ had around 80% of the members log in for the first time in around 1.5 months. So yes, primed chamber made them certainly login, bringing them back is another subject.

    Now, this is my private sample size of close friends I've played with for the last 5-6 years, but I doubt it looks differently for any other clan with burnt-out vets.

    If we consult the steamchart it looks similar to when DE launched RJ a jump from around 40k to around 70-80k. Will these people stay? Ofc not, but it certainly looks better than having a monthly average of 40k players in 2020 when we had around a 100k in 2019.

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