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  1. As Unforgotten has stated above, ALL rivens should be set at neutral disposition and left that way. Period.
  2. Digital Extremes game, Digital Extremes rules. Had a whole text written out here, re-thunk it all and realized, my problem or disagreement with the game's design is my problem, not DE's.
  3. Was wondering, should I bother farming the new Lacera variant from Scarlet Spear to test my Lacera riven on? Also, should I farm Basmu and buy a riven for it? Or skip all that because rivens for those 2 weapons are bound to be nerfed in 3 months anyways?
  4. I'll be honest. The thing that's killing the game is riven dispo changes. Riven mods are a neat idea, riven mods as a way to incentivize unpopular weapon usage and discourage popular weapon usage is just plain stupid. I'm sorry. Pissing off players every 3 months is not a good way to build your player base. Reason for Warframe's dwindling player numbers? This. Set all rivens at dispo 3 (1.00) and the problem will be fixed. Players use rivens as a way to mod their weapons. That's the point of them from the players perspective. WE WANT RIVENS TO BE INVARIANT, CONSTANT STAT WISE.
  5. With great power comes great responsibility. Don't remove self damage DE. Ruins the fun. Sends wrong message about recklessness. Don't use explosive weapons in Warframe if you don't wanna blow yourself up and can't stop. It's like removing the skill requirement of using a projectile based bow. Rocket launchers go boom and kill things. If your health within the destructive capability of the payload...Bye bye. :) Removing that is dumbing down the game. Being staggered and brought to your knees to be slaughtered by your enemy removes the onus. You messed up when you took the wrong shot. Keep it real with self damage. Great power great responsibility.
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