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  1. Garuda's Talons are broken. Blood Rush and Weeping Wounds no longer functioning on them.
  2. Blood Rush and Weeping Wounds are no longer functioning on Garuda's Talons.
  3. I mean, seems to me like you're testing pretty bad configurations. Have you considered building a more balanced kitgun? Up the status chance.
  4. Kuva Bramma isn't overpowered. Anyone on PS4 that believes it is, I challenge you. Meet me in game. Pick a mission and bring your best built Bramma and I'll show you how wrong you are. Git Gud Chumps!
  5. At the end of the game this game belongs to Digital Extremes. Anything they choose to do, any creative direction they decide on, any changes they decide to implement, even if its to burn the game to the ground, it's their decision. Their right. For me, I've been playing Warframe since the beginning and am thankful for the 7 years of entertainment that Digital Extremes has provided me. Have they done everything the way I've wanted them to? No. But, you can't make everyone happy all the time. I'm sure even internally they disagree on some of their creative directions. At the end of the day when I tabulate all the positives and negatives, they've done a tremendous job. In my opinion this is the best video game ever created. Thank you Digital Extremes for everything you've done. ----- The kuva bramma is quite well balanced with other top tier weapons in this game. It's not overpowered by any means and am surprised that so many players here aren't evaluating it objectively (perhaps haven't calculated the damage output or taken it in endless missions to see where it caps out?) Confirmation bias?
  6. The pennant shines as heavy attack weapon. +cc +cd +dmg -puncture/-slidecrit/-finisher would be the perfect roll. +range 4th best stat.
  7. Kuva Bramma's damage output is on par with other top tier weapons. Its popularity is not due to it being overpowered, its popular for the fact that it is fun to use and labeled as 'meta' by the community. Anyone who thinks otherwise doesn't know what they're talking about/lacks math skills.
  8. Digital Extremes is trying to kill their own game, I think. Getting sick of Warframe after all these years.
  9. I'll be honest. The thing that's killing the game is riven dispo changes. Riven mods are a neat idea, riven mods as a way to incentivize unpopular weapon usage and discourage popular weapon usage is just plain stupid. I'm sorry. Pissing off players every 3 months is not a good way to build your player base. Reason for Warframe's dwindling player numbers? This. Set all rivens at dispo 3 (1.00) and the problem will be fixed. Players use rivens as a way to mod their weapons. That's the point of them from the players perspective. WE WANT RIVENS TO BE INVARIANT, CONSTANT STAT WISE.
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