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  1. It's really stupid to adjust riven dispositions of the newest weapons in the game. There should be a grace period of a year after a new weapon comes out before their respective rivens receive any alterations. Of course new weapons will be popular, its natural. New things are popular. Lowering riven dispositions of weapons like the current newest, like acceltra, or fulmin, would be the equivalent of not giving new songs air play, or new movies screen time because they have a popularity edge over songs and movies from 5 years ago. Allow players some time to enjoy new additions and content before reducing their efficacy. How is it possible that this hasn't been considered yet? You're putting in work, adding new weapons to the game, then immediately valuing their popularity against weapons that have been around for much longer. It's actually unfair treatment. Let the hype around the weapons die down, then get a baseline of the usage. Of course in the beginning while players are sticking 8 forma's into a weapon, then testing out their work in game, usage will be up.
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