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  1. Don't think we didn't see that, DE...
  2. This image right here showcases people's main issue with your current progress towards your rework of the UI. This screen as a whole looks really nice, but: Those items at the bottom? Yeah, I have no idea what 3 of those are without hovering because items labels are disabled by default. Other games can get away with this because their items are visibly different from each other, but in Warframe every single part of the same type looks exactly the same (don't even get me started on the relics themselves). Reworking your UI to make it functionally and visibly better is great, but removing information from the user is not. Several UIs in the game that have been remastered have this issue. Lots of space to use, but nothing in that space, instead all the info is hidden behind a hover, such as the market; why do I need to hover over "Buy" to see a weapon's stats? It should be right there for me to see without jumping through hoops. I'll be honest, I missed this on my first read through: Are we playing the same game here? This is a joke, right?
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