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  1. SOLVED...at least for me. ok, i dont know why this works and it makes no sense whatsoever....but after running another 9 times and never getting a larva to spawn i sat back and tried to figure out what i had changed. the only thing i changed is my glyph, so i changed it back and first run after that it spawned for me....give it a try, what ya got to loose?
  2. tried several different frames, with all kuva weapons and with no kuva weapons, 4 different locations, melee only, no abilitys, even ivara and stealth.with companion and without nothing is working.
  3. yesterday i got 3 larvas on cassini no problem, after killing my latest kuva litch i went back and ran it 11 times and nothing happens, i get no flicker or anything, tried different warframes still nothing. that was last night. i just logged in this morning and i still get nothing...what happened? something changed.this one thing not working has made game unplayable.
  4. well, when my balla damage goes from 80,000-120,000 damage red crits most of the time to never a red , never a orange, and few random yellow 3000 damage crits.....how is it better in every way? just asking in case i missed something. for the last year i have used melee quite a lot, now after this disaster i simply dread even trying to melee......i feel massive buyers remorse that the thousands of real dollars i have spent on this game helped to pay for this garbage.
  5. last week i was getting 80,000+ point red crits regularly with my balla, as in for the last 6-7 months, and today i go wild with it and cant even get a orange crit and not many yellows.....was the balla nerfed? no, i never changed my build. i understand NEEDING a change, but changing things just to change them aint cool. the new and "improved" melee system should not affect the crit damage/chance, i thought it was just changing the mechanics of the hit combos, you guys have messed with the entire thing and not improved it one bit. it now feels slow, confusing, and clunky. it was fast fluid and fairly straight forward. never understood why you changed it to begin with.....it wasnt broken.
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