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  1. she is a one trick pony, and needs to stay that way. she is a mobile battle turret and excels at it. what she needs is a prime version and some custom skins, as she has no skins right now, one of the few if not the only one without a whole body skin. also all of the exalted weapons need to be re-purchasable so you can have more builds with differently done polaritys, not just 3 builds with the same polarity.....
  2. are there plans to bring back the sentinel weapon rivens?
  3. i was planning on starting out from scratch anyway, keep the original as is and build new.
  4. Brian770

    exalted weapons

    yes, but all the polerised slots are the same for all 3 builds.......not much help there. need to have separate dexpixias for each frame. just like all the other weapons.
  5. i reposted it in the feedback forum, maybe if we get enough people talking about it there they will address it...
  6. Brian770

    exalted weapons

    why can i own a unlimited amount of normal weapons of the same type yet when i buy a new Titania i do not get a second set of Dexpixias? I wanted to do a new build with a crit build Dexpixia with all new polaritys without messing up my current build . yet when i ranked it up to lvl 10 and went to mod them the same Dexpixias i had showed up . i changed a few mods and equipped my other Titania and looked, the mods i changed where changed on this one also. this sucks, wasted platinum on what i consider a glitch....if you make a new frame you should get new fresh exalted weapons also, seems like a no brainer. i hope this is a glitch and is on someones list of things to fix. I hope they are aware of the problem and if not how can we make them aware of it?
  7. i diddnt know that, thankyou. is there a way to directly inquire DE about this "problem"??
  8. I built a second Titania with the purpose of having a second set of dexpixias that i could build in a totally different way(crit build) with different polaritys. I just ranked her up to lvl 10 and well, its the same dexpixia that i already have with the same 3 forma in it and fully modded out. is this a glitch? i can buy many of any other weapon, and have different polairitys on them , but why not the dexpixias???
  9. where are the tables for the new changes to the the rivens?
  10. it takes almost no time to clear all the missions....most of them you complete without even trying just in the course of playing on a regular daily grind. if your in a clan with more than just yourself its no problem to clear them all in a single night with the exception of the do 3 sorties mission. nightwave is a nice easy fun distraction and i am not sure why anybody is complaining about it, if ya dont enjoy the nightwave then simply dont partake of that part of the game..........EZ
  11. two times now you have nerfed the ignis, why not just scrap it outright? this time next year it will be a .0001 base
  12. the 3 wagers in a row challenge is bugged too, did it two times last night and got credit for it but its still showes as not done.
  13. i did get credit for the 40 waves challenge, but the challenge showed as not done. will i also get credit for the re3placement?
  14. happened to me last month, uninstalled and reinstalled it, been fine since then.
  15. thank you for the info.
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