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  1. I am not sure if this is where I should post this, but I don't like the new syndicate UI/window nor the relic one, For relics when I refine a relic regardless of the era it always jump back to the All tab and it is very annoying, a option to select more than one unit of a single relic to refine would be great, When we are farming for prime stuff we might often refine the same relic type more than once, so either having the option to refine more than one or stop the usual and very annoying way that the relic switch to the refined relic. With so many relics just going back to the unrefined one is time consuming and very annoying. Now for syndicates and nightwave UI, it is very cursor heavy, that might work for PC but in console it is annoying. The cursor doesn't move to the nearest relevant button of a newly prompted window or option, it has to be dragged to the location that you want from wherever it was from the past selection. The option to purchase more than 1 unit from syndicates or nightwave items is also something very lacking. Sure that might impact more older players or ones like me who are traders who purchase more than 1 unit of a mod available in the syndicate or nightwave. It is inefficient and annoying having to move the already very annoying cursor that I disliked since it was first introduced all over the screen to make a single purchase over and over again, The cursor/mouse changes for consoles were a bad thing then and still is a bad thing now, It slows down the navigation in the windows of the game and make it annoying, if anything please add a option to remove it. On the positive side I did like the new game mode even though I can't get a damn squad to stick around for more than 1 round of it, Wisp is a good frame and I enjoy her and she is the first frame that I purchased idle animations from, I would love that said animations would affect other frames beyond being idle, having them use Wisp's running, rolling and dashing animations as well.
  2. I like the nightwave, but I wish that there were more daily alerts/challenges, or that they were per mission as the past challenges. Sure give less affinity if they are per mission, but the prisoners are very rare and they give so little that is hard to get the affinity to rank up. And since there is just 1 daily challenge and depending on the weekly challenges you can do them all in one day we get just a dibble of affinity, and I really, really want the WoS6 armor, and the grind for the wolf himself is also pretty hard, I play several hours every day and since the update I only got the wolf once, if I am lucky I get four or five prisoner packs a day. Another issue with the challenges that I have is the 'with friends or clanmates' challenges, more often than not my friends and clanmates aren't online when I play so it is hard to fulfill the challenges with that requirement. And DE the 60 min survival challenges is a bit too much, sure I can do it but finding a team to do them with is hard,and having to do 2 of those in the same week and one of them being kuva survival? My friends and clanmates that i play with recently are under MR 10 and new players, they aren't capable of lasting 60 min in a survival mission, specially one with no life support. I am trying to teach them how to play but they are still too green to handle long bouts of endurance missions, they don't have the gear and mods for it. Now on a bug, when the Profit Taker fight update dropped I got a bug that is very similar to stick drift. I checked it is not stick drift, it only happens in Warframe, I can't use Mesa's peacemaker because it drifts to the left something fierce, several weapons also drift when I hold the trigger, the codex scanner also does so making scanning hard to do, often when I leave a loading screen to a mission or returning to my ship the camera will drift to the right or the left. It isn't because i am accidentally pushing the stick as I tested by keeping my thumb off the stick, it isn't 'recoil' based as the codex scanner has no recoil, and as I mentioned before it only happens in warframe. I am playing Apex legends, bloodborne and other games and I get no drift.
  3. Not sure if was reported here so I am also pointing it out the issue in here. My aim is drifting without input a lot when I come out of many loadings, as in leaving the elevator in fortuna, landing in cetus or in missions. Almost like stick drift but it doesn't happen in other games, so I believe that the issue is in warframe, Another issue is a very, very heavy pull to the left when firing the imperator vandal while holding the trigger, it pulls to the left at a steady and constant ration that leaves me unsure if it is a programmed recoil as some weapons have some f**ked up recoils or a bug. Another issue that I noticed is that in star chart missions when I use atmosphere archguns I am unable to use quick melee, yet when doing fortuna missions I can, especially the Profit Taker fight. When soloing PT phase 1 the data mass to capture the base doesn't show up and I can't continue the mission, happened to me several times. Now that I am done with my bug reporting here are my personal review of this update. I like the PT fight, it is pretty fun when you ignore the knockbacks and knockdowns. It reminds me of Plague Star's boss fight and I found that really enjoyable. I would love the ability to re-select the phase 4 mission and others from the quest guy in Fortuna so I don't have to head down to the backroom to re-select the missions. I admit that is part speedrun and part because I enjoy the fight a lot and the minutes that it takes to get down to Fortuna and then back up to the Vallis, including who knows how long it takes to find another squad, is really annoying and kind of dampens my excitement from the fight. I am also wondering why the stages in the first 3 phases of the Heistdon't give us rewards per stage like regular bounties do, I was hoping to farm toroids by doing the first three missions, but with just one reward per phase and with the issues like the datamass not dropping in phase 1 it makes hard for me to get the needed toroids to rank up Vox Solaris. Another thing that confuses me is why the quills' arcanes still need to be crafted while solaris arcanes can be purchased already crafted, will quills arcanes eventually be purchased ready to use or they will remain as craft only?
  4. not sure if it was reported, but I am getting a bug where the consoles in corpus missions don't show up, the interact button is there but the console doesn't show up where it should be.
  5. Another bug, in the appearance tab the L1 button doesnt work to move the ABC options to the left.
  6. Bug report, every time that I get to the last part of the first rank bounty it bugs out. It crashes or it doesn't acknowledge that it is completed. My other report is that I finished the tutorial quest for fortuna but I haven't received the k-drive launcher. Edit: I had to go back to the orbiter and check the quest tab before I got the launcher in the gear selection of the arsenal. The bounty bug remains. Edit 2: The gear wheel resets after a selection in the field, it no longer stays at your last selected item, such as archwing launcher or k-drive launchers, it resets to gear item 1.
  7. It is not that I like getting revenant parts, but they feel less bad than getting the same naramon lenses over and over again, you can sell revenant bps, lenses on the other hand you can't sell them. However I do agree that getting Ostron standing would be nice as well.
  8. Plague star was and still is my favorite event that I participated since I began playing warframe. I have fond memories of this event but I would like some changes on the bounty reward droptable. I appreciate the addition of revenant bp even though I already have it, what I don't like is that the lens that we get is always naramon, I have 50+ naramon lenses from the combined plague star events; So if possible in the next return of this event I would like to see the lens being a random drop for each time you get awarded a lens or at every bounty reset from Konzu the lens would change similarly to the usual bounty reward does. Grinding the mission can be tiresome and getting overly repetitive rewards is pretty annoying, everything else can be useful, the frame bp can be sold for credits, but the lens feel like a bad reward, especially when I get 2 or 3 of them in the same bounty.
  9. I don't know if it is a bug or not, it feels like one though, since the new update I have been getting the message to restart the game several times a day because a new update was received. yet i get no hotfix message ingame or when using the check for update option in the dashboard I get the message that the current version is the latest one. It is quite annoying.
  10. Bug report: I am formaing my kavats and every time that I select them when they reach rank 30 all the mods that they previously had are removed. So my builds are gone from them and I have to re-mod them for the past build and them add another forma or see if I do need the extra forma or not. I didn't notice if happened with my hellminth charger since I didn't forma it.
  11. I want to know how this affects mods like blood rush and weeping wounds. I use blood rush with my nikana prime and use mostly quick attacks to rack up the counter to get my crit up especially when swarmed by enemies. If the melee changes that affect the combo counter will remove the added crit/status from those mods it would ruin more than 1 build from my weapons. And if we can get a setting that allows us to see the added bonus from blood rush, weeping wounds and similar mods in the weapon's customization screen, it would make easier to plan the builds if we can see the results of each multiplier. EDIT: I also would like to know if we could use skins on zaws and maybe use the normal weapon appearance on prime weapons.
  12. Try manually selecting to update in the dashboard of the ps4.
  13. Dear DE, i will repeat myself mentioning that the GPU particles are still broken and I have to reset the selection even as it reads disabled when i start the game. They are still on even if it says disabled until i disable it again. The cursor is still horrible and I wish that I could have the old UI navigation method. Still given the lack of responses to these issues I am sure that this is wasted breath, so here is more issues that I think that could be fixed that I am sure that you wont fix, Being able to sell repeated captura scenes or cosmetics, I have multiple copies of the onslaught awarded scenes and they do nothing but stockpile in my inventory. it honestly feels like I am accomplishing nothing in the rounds where I get captura scenes that I already have. I can kind of understand that they system can't just check my inventory and reward me with the ones that I don't have, thus making me feel like I am getting something new. So being able to sell them for a large amount of credits or endo would make me feel like I haven't wasted time in onslaught for nothing but some relics or endo packs. Personally I could accept the removal of the endo packs from the drop table if made easier to get the vandal parts. Please buff the drop rate for rotation C vandal parts, specially the stock for the braton and the receiver for the lato. I am playing onslaught 3 to 6 times a day, everyday since the launch for consoles and I still haven't gotten a single stock or receiver. I have friends that won't help me farm the parts because they are burned out from onslaught because they ran even more than I do to to complete their own set. The price for the stock and receiver is absurdly high and as much as I wish that I could say that I don't understand why it is so high. I can understand why they charge 800+ for those parts. it is ridiculously hard to get them. I am sick and tired of onslaught and am only playing it because I want those vandal parts, when i get them I will stop playing and likely not play it for a long time unless a whim strikes me from nowhere. Either buff those parts drop rate or put them in the normal onslaught that is easier to grind. It is very tiresome and as I said I am not the only player fatigued from it and starting to hate that game mode. Even the radiant relics aren't enough of a reward for sticking through 8 rounds, especially as some players drop in earlier rotations making harder to get the efficiency to get and finish to rotation 8.
  14. I tested this with a few secondaries,the perla pistol skin is bugging with pistols. Most glaring with the histrix and the pandero. The magazine of the skin gets positioned where the magazine of the secondary is and stays there. Before one of the recent updates this didn't occur. I also experienced the umbra return bug where you get teleported to some other location or gets the fall from map teleport. The onslaught host migration mentioned above also happened with me more than once and I also lost rewards from defense missions when the host leaves the mission and I remain in the mission, so I lose the reward of the rotation where the migration happened.
  15. I am sure that this is a bug and not a feature, but when I select a squad option or solo, when I click on a option the cursor then moves the navigation map from wherever it is even if a planet is selected to a blank space in the chart under where the squad options is located, please fix this.
  16. Just noticed he is reading unranked, yet his mod capacity is 60, I am mr 21 so I have no idea of what happened here, not that I am complaining.
  17. Out of curiosity, since this ash is already max rank when we get him, which is nice as I don't have to max him out, how do we get the affinity for it?
  18. The gpu particles read as disabled yet in function it is in reality on medium, you have to rechoose disable at the options whenever you restart the game to remove said particles. As mentioned before infested missions still causes massive framerate drops since the last update. It is bad enough that sortie defense targets get killed or badly damaged while the lag is acting. We also take damage and more than once the drop was so bad that I can't fire or attack because during those drops the game doesn't recognize the controller's commands, and I was using automatic weapons and others with a held trigger type.
  19. Found a bug with Ivara's bow, when you place a mod at the second V slot from the top left to right side, the charge rate is listed as 0.63 regardless of the mod that you place there, Even a maxed out shred gets the negative charge rate, if moved to a unpolarized slot then shred or whichever other speed mod gives its benefit. EDIT: The bug also affects the - slot at the bottom right side, however if you place a mod in that slot the charge rate reads as it should. EDIT 2: The bug appears to be that if the placed mods are in a even number things read as normal, if they are in odds they read as negative.
  20. I am experiencing some fierce FPS/lag during infested missions that I never had before the beast of sanctuary update, this update didn't fix that issue that was also brought up in the past update tread.
  21. Why does the starchart screen moves when you move that damned cursor? it makes navigating even worse.
  22. The quest is good, I am still pondering on the UI style change, I don't like that in the starchart I can't use triangle to select between public, friend only, invite or solo. I still wish for a option to revert from cursor to the old style of navigation.
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